Rewriting Superman From Scratch In Action Comics #978 – With A Little Help From Secret Origin

13th Dimension (remember them?) has been given the exclusive preview of this Wednesday's Action Comics #978. Which looks to reveal the new rewritten history of Superman and all who he has touched. And somehow not managing to turn him into a fascist in the process. Well, I mean, any more than usual.

We have a Lois Lane falling from a helicopter on Clark Kent's first day at the Daily Planet.


Remember how two weeks ago we said they were working from the Geoff Johns/Richard Donner/Gary Frank "Ultimate" retelling of Superman's story, along the lines of the first Superman movie (even referencing Christopher Reeves in the art)…


..that's the one. And we have a Superman to the rescue. Although it's not a perfect match. See this first meeting from Secret Origin, compared to tomorrow's Action Comics.


screen-shot-2017-04-20-at-7-51-22-pmIt is really close…


Really, really close. In fact, you might as well go out and buy it.


But we also continue Superman's troubling look into his past.


We've heard that phrase before. Remember Mr Oz in DC Rebirth #1?


The current Superman should remember that even if it were a different version of him.


Welcome to your new Superman. And if you still can't wait, there is many-a-spoiler to be found out there…

Action Comics #978 by Dan Jurgens and Carlos Barbieri, is published on Wednesday. Pick up a copy of Secret Origins if your store keeps it in stock. And if they don't, they soon will be.

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