Rob Liefeld To America: "Don't Be A Freaking Nazi"

Superstar artist, Deadpool creator, Wizard World Hall of Legends inaugural inductee, and comics luminary Sir Robert Liefeld has taken to Instagram to share two simple, irrefutable facts with his fans.

First, his work on Captain America was a resounding success.

Rob Liefeld To America: "Don't Be A Freaking Nazi"

And second, Nazis are bad. Sure, it seems like this one shouldn't really need to be said, but based on recent events, it's certainly worth being crystal clear about it.

Instagram post Liefeld said:

"Let me tell you, I am as proud of my work on Captain America as anything I have ever done in my career. Marvel desired to restore some luster to their original core books and made a controversial business deal with myself and Jim Lee in order to draw new attention to these books. The controversy stemmed from the fact that the books were outsourced to a pair of competitors, this divided Marvel deeply, but it resulted in tremendous success and in the case of Captain America, brought an additional 350,000 new eyeballs to the icon."

If Donald Trump finds it impossible to walk the line between talking about his own success and having the moral courage to speak out against evil, Liefeld makes it look easy, seamlessly transitioning into a condemnation of Nazis, white supremacists, and bigots. Liefeld continued,

"I sign these books as often as any of my other works and the audience that embraced these remembers that youthful excitement they had discovering the older icons brought to a new spotlight. I was so pumped to pour myself into one of my favorite American icons. And we opened with Cap and the armed forces of the United States of America kicking some nazi ass. Because Nazi's are BAD GUYS and they always will be."

Someone had to say it, if the President of the United States won't.

He concluded in the post with this (unfortunately necessary) reminder:

"Don't be a freaking nazi, white supremacist or bigot of any sort! It's un-American and in fact it's inhumane! Be good to each other and LOVE more! Embrace it as its far easier to love than hate. My wife's grandma always said that 'hate consumes and contaminates the vessel in which it is stored.' I believe this to be true above all else."

Folks, that's how you do it.

Enjoy some Nazi-killing Liefeld art below:

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