Rob Walton's Ragmop Returns – Properly This Time

I was a big fan of Rob Walton's self-published surreal comedy action comic book series Ragmop in the nineties. He was self-publishing at a similar time as I was – and was much better at it as well.

And now… it's back. The long-awaited return of Ragmop. What a world we live in, Ragmop's back, Strangers In Paradise is back, Longshot Comics is back, Miracleman is back can we get Roberta Gregory to start doing Naughty Bits again?

There was an aborted attempt to bring back Ragmop through Vault Comics, which fell apart earlier this year, so he is now going ahead solo.

Ragmop: The World Needs Laughter is heading to Kickstarter in September. And Rob is starting the pre-Kickstart campaign with a new trailer.

Ragmop: The World Needs Laughter finally returns!

The Joe Shuster-Nominated online comic is coming to Kickstarter September 2019 with loads of incentives including copies of the long OOP first volume, Ragmop: A Brief History of Crime, nominated for two Eisner and two Joe Shuster Awards.

Ragmop is an animation-infused action comedy. Alice Hawkings and her three dinosaurs run afoul of corporate villainy while single-handedly fighting a personal battle against shape-shifting Reptiles bent on enslaving humanity in a world where conspiracy theories just might be true!

Social and political satire clashes with the classic animation antics of Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, Chuck Jones, Robert McKimson and Hanna-Barbara to create a reading experience hailed by industry professionals including Paul Pope ("A laugh on every page"), Mike Mignola ("Wonderful! Smart!"), J.H. Williams III ("Ragmop is one of my favorite things!") and Steve Bissette ("Brilliantly funny!").

The best kept secret in comics (Wizard Magazine) by the craziest man in comics (Diamond Preview) is finally returning to a world that desperately needs the laughs.

Book design by Jon Adams (Truth Serum, Chief O'Brien At Work, McSweeny)"

Also Rob tells me that since the book returned to black-and-white with colour elements for blood, vomit and wee-wee, he took time to freshen the inks throughout, strengthen a gag or two, and added about ten new pages along the way including a brand new prologue and epilogue…

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