Scary Blogger – Terry Beatty Vs. Jason Brazeal


Co-creator of Ms Tree, Batman comics artist and strip artist for The Phantom, Terry Beatty, posted a conversation on Facebook between himself and Jason Brazael, a radio blogger who was using the Scary Monsters magazine logo that Beatty designed.


This is how it went.

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Nevertheless, since Jason did remove the logo from his blog, Terry removed his original post. However, Jason then kept going, blogging a defense of himself against "some hack artist mad over the use of the logo from Scary Monsters" before observing "Oh yeah! Terry and he looks like a pediphile if I ever saw one. Trust me" before following up with "funny how when I said he looked like a pediphile he miraculously vanished alomg with his little buddy that looks like he is into child porn too."

So, you know, nice guy. Which was just the reason needed for Terry to point out that "Mr DarkNasty" has a T-shirt web shop on "redbubble" where he sells t-shirts.

Some of the images are public domain. Some are not. Some are copyright DC Comics. No wonder this guy didn't respect the trademark on the SCARY logo — he doesn't respect copyright, either.


Terry writes,

When you're caught committing trademark infringement, the proper response is to stop, apologize, and then quietly slink away.

Jason Brazael seems to think it's better to go on the attack — hurling insults and threats, both privately and publicly. In private, he's threatened to interfere with the distribution of SCARY MONSTERS magazine (He's pals with somebody or another — or whatever). Publicly, he's making seriously insulting comments that just skirt being libelous due to some very careful phrasing. But he's invoking some particularly odious notions, and I'm not amused.

I've posted our Facebook message back-and-forth here, largely because I know so many people in the horror/monster fan circles, and wanted to alert them to this guy's true nature, so they would know to give him a wide berth.

Finding out that he's also committing copyright infringement by selling shirts imprinted with images owned by others is… well… interesting.

I did not think that when I first posted about this, that so many of you fb friends would share the posts — but it's gone out to a LOT of people — so light is being cast quite brightly on this fellow. I appreciate the support — but I would caution you all to please not prank the guy — or be as nasty in your responses as he has been. If you do contact him (which I don't recommend — it's an unpleasant experience, trust me), please be civil, if you can.

I'd never heard of this guy until I was alerted to the fact that he'd "borrowed" the SCARY logo. He runs a radio show that likely has far fewer listeners than he claims — and he runs a web shop selling a certain amount of merchandise that is soon to get him C&D notices. He's blowing a lot of smoke and making himself look very bad. I probably (actually!) know far more people with show biz connections than he claims to (many fb friends in the "biz") — and he's digging himself a very deep hole in front of all of them.

If he had a shred of decency or shame, he'd apologize for the trademark infringement and the private and personal insults, and then go hide in that hole he's dug for himself. But that seems unlikely, so this saga might keep playing out in who knows what ways. I guess I'll keep you updated.


We'll keep watching too….

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