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Wil Petty writes;

Going it alone… Its not always advised, especially when trying to launch a kickstarter campaign. But that is just what Wil Petty is doing with "Skullgun: Demon Hunter".

Growing up I liked to draw and I was a huge movie fan, and like many kids I wanted to be a movie director. I wrote scripts, made props and shot short films with the neighborhood kids. But the dream had to give way to more realistic aspirations. It wasn't until my second year in college that I saw a TV production course in the school catalog, I took the course just for fun and I was hooked all over again.

The subsequent years yielded eight short films. Most of them were action films with a paranormal twist. Like The Haunting of Misty Creek and Harvester. These were never going to be Oscar contenders, just a cool little story that I wanted to see made.

Skullgun, is a labor of love just like the little films I made years ago. The character is all alone in the world, abandoned and has no real identity. Until one day he discovers a book thought to be horror stories written by his grandfather, but in reality the book was a collection of his memoirs as a Skullgun. A vigilantly for a secret society of the church known as "The Legion of Saints".

Fade in, Modern day Mexico, the setting of our story. A Spanish mission in ruins and a secret layer frozen in time, outfitted with the technology of the 1930's. Diego Cuervo, dusts off the aged weapons and picks up where his grandfather left off and assumes the identity of Skullgun. Of course the enemy of the church has moved on since the days of his grandfather, creating a demonic cartel, running the most brutal organization in modern history. All under the rule of Rey aka"the Biker King".

Skullgun is also a departure from straight comic book style. The layout combines sequential art with a fairy tale chapter book style. Some have called it Illustra-novella, but it is basically a couple of paragraphs every few pages to help set the mood or to build a deeper understanding of the plot. I think it actually helps with the look and tone of our story, giving the reader a better understanding of the struggles that faces our hero.

The Kickstarter campaign includes some cool items that I have been working on, decals, posters, T-shirts even a resin maquette that I sculpted. I am also hoping to add a few cool upgrades and props to the list. And If Bleeding Cool readers get behind this project and I hit my goal before the end of the weekend, I'll add the phrase "Bleeding Cool" to the comic.

So, if you're a fan of movies where the mysterious lone hero strolls in to town, takes up the greater cause and faces down the enemy. Throw in a couple of twists and action scenes blowing stuff up, then give Skullgun a try!

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