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Space Sweepers Digital Comic Launches on Tapas in English

Space Sweepers, Korea's first space opera blockbuster movie, launched on Netflix last Friday. The movie actually launched a webcomic tie-in last year when the movie was originally scheduled to open in theatres there. When the movie was delayed due to cinema closures due to the Pandemic, the webcomic launched anyway as the only way audiences could get the story before Netflix finally picked it up.

Space Sweepers: Netflix Announces Release Date and New Trailer
"Space Sweepers" poster courtesy of Netflix

Now Tapas Media, the leading US-based digital publisher with more than six billion pageviews, has launched the comic of Space Sweepers in the West at last. This ongoing comic series is now available exclusively in English on Tapas, courtesy of KakaoPage, launching with 26 episodes; the first eight episodes are free.

Space Sweepers Digital Comic Launches on Tapas in English
Space Sweepers and other comics on Tapas

Space Sweepers marks the first of Tapas' "A World of K-Dramas" programming, which will feature five Korean comic series also available as live-action films on Netflix: Space Sweepers, Itaewon ClassThe Uncanny Counter, Item, Mystic Pop-up Bar.

Space Sweepers Digital Comic Launches on Tapas in English
Space Sweepers webcomic key art, Kakaopage, Daum, Tapas

Created by HongjacgaSpace Sweepers follows ace pilot Taeho, a squadron leader for UTS, who ends up on the scavenger crew of the Victory alongside rugged Tiger Park, sassy robot Updong, and fearless Captain Jang. They are chasing dreams, working off debts, and pissing everyone off. Enter Dorothy… they take her in, and now EVERYONE'S after them. Can they figure out this mess, or is this a ticking time bomb about to explode?

The story is fairly faithful to the movie but told through the dynamics of a Korean webcomic. That means the plot is the same, but little changes make the comic its own unique experience distinct from the movie. There's a bit more backstory, a bit more Captain Jang, who's played by Kim Tae-Ri in the movie, and let's face it, she should have been the real main character in the movie instead of hotshot pilot Tae-hoe. But that's a discussion for another time.

Anyway, if you like K-Drama, Itaewon Class, The Uncanny Counter, Mystic Pop-Up Bar, and Item are all worth checking out on Netflix, as are the webcomics on Tapas.

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