This Special Edition of Neil Gaiman's American Gods Novel Illustrated by Dave McKean Is… Very Impressive

acg_14869864626It takes a lot to impress the book collector in me these days. People who enjoy the intersection of comic books and books have had an embarrassment of riches to choose from over the past several years.  IDW's Artists Editions come immediately to mind. Fantagraphics' two-volume Witzend collection is another example that stands out in my memory. There have been several excellent entries in the DC Comics Absolute Edition line. That ridiculously huge 75 Years of DC Comics book from Taschen.  Countless other examples I could name.

So, when Neil Gaiman tweeted earlier this morning, "The @DaveMcKean illustrated American Gods is… well, *I* want a copy…", I clicked through, and… well, yes, I want one too. Very impressive indeed.  Even as celebrated as Gaiman and Dave McKean have been as collaborators since the publication of Violent Cases in 1987, I'm still always amazed when I see new work — they seem to tap into our collective unconsciousness in the same way.

This edition of American Gods is available from The Folio Society.



acg_14869864625 acg_14869984930


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