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Our line-up of news, reviews, opinions, commentary, and everything in-between for this morning covered a wide range of topics, including Neil Gaiman & Ricky Whittle wanting STARZ to finish the story American Gods told over three seasons, our theory about what song Eddie's playing in Stranger Things 4, Fiona Shaw dropping some intel on "Star[...]
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As big of a fan as I am of the series (not perfect but with a passion & intensity that set it above most shows during its run), STARZ's American Gods will always hold a special place because Neil Gaiman and series star Ricky Whittle were the first two people I ever interviewed in-person for[...]
American Gods star Ricky Whittle (Image: STARZ)
Back in August 2021 (five months after the news broke that the cable network was ending the series' run after three seasons), Neil Gaiman gave American Gods fans a sliver of hope Responding to a question on Twitter about the future of the series, Gaiman reaffirmed that "STARZ and Fremantle are committed to finishing the[...]
The Sandman announcement key art. (Image: Netflix)
Not only did we learn more about Gaiman's past and continued commitment to set safety, but we also had new casting news confirmed as well as a brief but still surprising update on STARZ's American Gods (surprising because we were feeling bitter and cynical about the whole thing). The Sandman announcement key art (Image: Netflix) First up,[...]
American Gods went places no other fantasy show does even after original showrunner Bryan Fuller left Showtime and HBO's shows stick to the more mainstream and conventional end of the spectrum. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: P-Valley | Official Trailer | STARZ ( All of STARZ's shows share a preoccupation with themes of class,[...]
American Gods Season 3 Trailer: Shadow Moon Can't Outrun His Destiny (Image: STARZ)
American Gods star Ricky Whittle wasn't the only one taking to social media on Tuesday evening to offer an update on where things stand with the STARZ series now that the cable network has officially canceled the series after three seasons Author and executive producer Neil Gaiman responded to an individual who was hoping that[...]
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A day after the news came down that STARZ wouldn't be renewing American Gods for a fourth season, fans have been buzzing about if there will be either a limited series or television film to complete the adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novel One name who's been pushing viewers to keep the faith has been star[...]
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Even after a third season that saw the series reflect more of Neil Gaiman's novel, earning some serious positive buzz, and what appeared to be strong positioning for a final season renewal, STARZ announced on Monday that the Ricky Whittle and Ian McShane-starring adaptation of Gaiman's work American Gods would not be returning for a[...]
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So when American Gods star Ricky Whittle was kind enough to spend some time taking over our Twitter account ahead of the STARZ series' Season 3 finale, we thought he was confirming the series' return when he revealed that showrunner Charles Elgee and author/EP Neil Gaiman have already storyboarded a fourth (and "probably" final) season- one[...]
American Gods star Ricky Whittle (Image: STARZ)
Interesting the things you can find out when you're "blessed" (see what we did there?) to have American Gods star Ricky Whittle spend some time taking over your Twitter account ahead of the Season 3 finale? You find out some interesting intel about the future- in this case, the future of the STARZ series Whittle[...]
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So by the time last week's episode of STARZ's American Gods rolled credits, we were guessing that a lot of viewers were wondering how there was going to be another episode this weekend ("Tears of the Wrath-Bearing Tree," directed by Russell Lee Fine with a teleplay from Laura Pusey and Ryan Spencer) But there has[...]
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For those of you who haven't checked the episode out already, tonight sees the penultimate third-season episode of STARZ's American Gods Of course, that means there's still time for another preview of what we can expect Previously, we had a chance to check out an exchange between Laura (Emily Browning) and Doyle (Iwan Rheon) regarding her[...]
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With only one episode remaining before the season finale of STARZ's American Gods, we have three major storylines coming to a head First, Laura (Emily Browning) got her living hands on the one thing that can bring Wednesday (Ian McShane) down for good- and we're not sure Doyle (Iwan Rheon) is going to convince her[...]
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With only to go until the next episode of STARZ's American Gods, we have another preview to get you in the mood for "The Rapture of Burning." While Laura (Emily Browning) is off looking for Doyle (Iwan Rheon) to help her get her now-living hands on the one thing that can take down Wednesday (Ian McShane),[...]