Star Wars #41 Review: What Remains of Jedha

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Luke Skywalker is hoping to learn of the Force from the Cult of the Central Isopter. Also on Jedha, Leia, Han, and Ubin hope to bring down a Shu-Torun mining vehicle that is harvesting Kyber Crystals. Chewbacca is en route with an important parcel.

Star Wars #41 cover by David Marquez and Matthew Wilson
Star Wars #41 cover by David Marquez and Matthew Wilson

This may be pointing out the obvious at this point, but it continues to be impressive how much Kieron Gillen really understands the main characters of Star Wars. Luke is uncertain yet upstart. Han is cocky and reckless but has a kernel of concern for his friends. Leia is commanding yet cautious. Chewbacca speaks in a language far too advanced for us to understand.

This issue brings an intriguing chapter for our heroes. Han is shown to be less reckless than Ubin. Luke is presented with a challenge that he's not sure that he's capable of overcoming. Even Chewbacca is put in a scenario where he's helpless. Gillen likes to put the main characters of Star Wars in a situation that tests the limits of their strengths. The Luke Skywalker plot is especially interesting because it deals with the mystery of the Force and contrasts him with another searching out the mysteries of the Force.

It's also quite cool how it's continuing some plot points from Darth Vader with the Shu-Torun.

The intro page aside, I feel it's worth complimenting how easily one can pick up the plot from the story without an extensive exposition dump to fill in nonregular readers.

There's not much more to add plot-wise. It was fun; it wasn't the most mind-blowing story either. It was just a fun, worthy purchase and read.

Star Wars #41 art by Salvador Larroca and Guru-eFX
Star Wars #41 art by Salvador Larroca and Guru-eFX

Salvador Larroca's art continues to be incredible. The characters look near-photorealistic. They look exactly like the movie characters. The environment and tech designs look great. Guru-eFX's color work is bright and visually appealing. This is a gorgeous comic.

Star Wars #41 is a fun read featuring the characters of the long-standing franchise presented in their full, well-represented glory. The art's great, and I can easily recommend it. Check it out.

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