When You Suddenly Feel You Are In A UK Franchise Of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers


So I am in Brighton this week with the family. The last two days were all rides on the pier and looking at jewellery in the Lanes. Today, however, is New Comics Day. Which means a trip to Dave's Comics in Brighton for some things new and old.

It really is a remarkable comic book shop, both parts of it. I talked about it last time I was here. It's gotten even better since. And today, I was serenaded….

Because I suddenly feel like I'm a differently accented version of Gilbert Shelton's The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. On the same street as Dave's Comics – and playing in the street – are Phat Bollard. A folk/skiffle/blues/Cornish/punk band playing songs about drugs and politics, while their dog howls along.

I am now officially into them. But man there's a Separated-At-Birth going on between this lot…





…and this lot.


And I'm listening to them while sitting in the local bakery which doubles as a cafe. In the sun. Reading comics.

This is the life.

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