RUMOUR: Terry McGinnis To Die?

Batman_(1)This was 2013. This was 2014. Will this be 2015?

The current New 52: Futures End comic book from DC Comics, has enlisted the Batman Beyond cartoon and comic as the thirty-five years future of the New 52. With Terry McGinnis, the future Batman, send back in time by an elderly Bruce Wayne to stop the emergence of Brother Eye taking over the world. He arrived five years too late, but has been fighting the good fight since.

In an earlier post, we were sent a photo directly from the writers room of the series, which we were able to analyse for future clues.

We were able to see:

#46 Trm/BMB pulls the plug on Bro Eye


Interpreted as issue 46 seeing Terry McGinnis stopping Brother Eye and a Happy Five Years Later for the final issue of Futures End.

But did that leak change things?

We have now been informed that Terry McGinnis, the Batman Beyond, will be killed off in the series that he is starring in. No sooner has he been introduced to the New 52, than he will be killed off…

But will that be the end of the character? We'll see what else we can discover…

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