Terry Moore Announces A New Graphic Novel Series Ever For Fall 2020

Terry Moore, one of the greatest living cartoonists, humbly announced his new graphic novel series Ever on his YouTube channel today. Joined by Abstract Studios publisher Robyn Moore, the Strangers in Paradise creator spoke about the new graphic novel as a part of his How to Draw video series. On the heels of both Strangers in Paradise XXV and Five Years, which crossed over his original magnum opus with characters from his cult hit horror comic Rachel Rising, Terry Moore is cooking up something entirely new with this dark fantasy series.

Moore said:

"When I finished Five Years, the question was […] what do you do next? […] Long story short, the new story is coming out in November and it's in trade paperback format. I'm not doing the single issues leading up to it. [It's 72 pages and] the title of it is Ever.

"Ever" will also be the main character's name. Terry Moore showed off an early version of the cover:

Ever cover sketch. Credit: Terry Moore's YouTube.
Ever cover sketch—credit: Terry Moore's YouTube.

TERRY: And that's a super rough cover.

ROBYN: Yes, it is.

Chuckling, Terry gave fans a clearer look at his work-in-progress of what will become the final cover as well:

Ever cover pencils. Credit: Terry Moore's YouTube.
Ever cover pencils—credit: Terry Moore's YouTube.

The two went on to describe the cover, giving more hints at what is to come with Ever.

TERRY: [Ever is] the only one who sees this guy looking at this portal, this dimensional portal, that has opened up right there in the middle of the intersection. […] When she turns eighteen, she becomes the perfect person, [who] at the age of eighteen is the key to opening the Pit of Darkness where all the sinful angels are kept. [She] doesn't want to be the key because it means sacrificing her to the Beast.

ROBYN: It's very much a fantasy story. She's seventeen about to turn eighteen, and eighteen has a lot of significance.

TERRY: 6 x 6 x 6 = 216, which equals out to be the number of months it takes to be eighteen. So 666 really equals the age of eighteen, and Ever is a descendant of human/angel interaction.

Before moving on to the tutorial portion of the video, Terry Moore previewed two character designs featuring the Beast he'd mentioned earlier, as well as a guardian of the portal.

Ever character designs. Credit: Terry Moore's YouTube.
Ever character designs. Credit: Terry Moore's YouTube.
Ever character designs. Credit: Terry Moore's YouTube.
Ever character designs. Credit: Terry Moore's YouTube.

This is a new experiment for Terry Moore, a veteran whose entire body of work has come out in single-issue form. As the Moores and the publisher they run together, Abstract Studio, look ahead toward the future of how readers want to consume their comics, one thing is clear: their passion for creation. In the opening of the video, when Terry begins to speak about Ever, his eyes shine, and he immediately starts smiling. No matter how his content comes out, his fanbase of years knows the amount of care put into it. It's clear from the product, and from the very face of the man making it.

Ever: The Way Out comes out in November 2020.

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