Thanks To Bleeding Cool, Dan Slott Is Back On Twitter [UPDATED]


We can all breathe a big sigh of relief. Dan Slott is back on Twitter.

The Amazing Spider-Man scribe has returned to the social media service after exiting earlier this month due to "toxic pro-Trump rhetoric," as he stated in a Facebook post at the time. Prior to that, Slott was well-known for delivering years worth of general toxic rhetoric on his Twitter account, including toward anyone who spoke ill of him or his work online, even if they didn't directly tag Slott in the tweets. Slott has aimed specific toxic rhetoric at people who post spoilers, people who like Donald Trump (unless those people are Slott's boss, Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter, who donated lots of money to Trump), Bleeding Cool, people who post links from Bleeding Cool on Facebook, Rich Johnston, Jude Terror, Jude Terror and Rich Johnston together, people who criticize Slott or Marvel, and comic book journalism, which Slott apparently holds to a considerably higher standard than he does comic book writing. Slott's Trump-like internet behavior even included using disparaging language toward female former Bleeding Cool Editor-in-Chief Hannah Means Shannon.

So far, Slott's tweets have been innocuous since his return, possibly because he is being carefully controlled by advisors.

But how long will it be before he's fighting with someone again? We're guessing as soon he reads this story. Because Dan Slott, a daily reader of Bleeding Cool, can't help but respond to Bleeding Cool's coverage of his social media antics, as you can see in this dramatization of Dan Slott's internet behavior:

After Slott left Twitter, he wasn't heard from until Bleeding Cool published a story about Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda's desire to play Carnage in a Maximum Carnage adaptation. During the course of Bleeding Cool's in-depth investigative report on this movie rumor, we recalled a previous incident wherein Slott and Mike Allred replaced the cast of Hamilton with white guys for "legal reasons" in a Silver Surfer comic, kicking off a classic Slott battle on Twitter. Though the incident happened over the summer, Slott immediately charged into the Bleeding Cool comment section, perhaps the most toxic rhetoric-filled place on the entire internet, to engage in mudslinging over the story.

Like a recovering alcoholic thinking he can have just one drink, Slott's visit to Bleeding Cool's comment section led to his return for a follow-up article the next day, where, just like Donald Trump is famous for, Slott, as he has done so many times in the past, hurled invective at the press and questioned their credibility because he didn't appreciate their coverage of his actions:

Sorry, this is my fault. I failed to notice that this was old news. I knew that most of Jude Terror's style of reporting was usually limited to linking to other people's articles from other sites. I failed to notice that it now includes just recycling his old "articles" as well. I guess BC gets what they pay for… which is hand-me-downs from that Bill Jemas funded site.

Within 24 hours after that post, Slott was back on Twitter in a full-blown relapse. A very, very full-blown relapse. Big League. Believe us. And you have Bleeding Cool to thank for it, because Bleeding Cool is the New York Times to Dan Slott's Donald Trump.


Within hours of this report going live, Dan Slott continued his verbal attacks against Bleeding Cool in the comments of this very article, writing:

"…even included using disparaging language toward female former Bleeding Cool Editor-in-Chief Hannah Means Shannon."

This is the kind of stuff Jude C. does that is beyond misleading to the point of offensive and reprehensible. I'd say it's beneath BC, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

Congratulations, Rich. You got this guy, you kinda deserve him now.

But please, go back to him misquoting James Gunn and celebrating Leonard Cohen's life in headlines about what comic book sex scenes were scored with his music.

The attacks shockingly mirror attacks against the NY Times by Donald Trump earlier this year, furthering the comparison of Bleeding Cool to that great journalistic institution.

It's clear at this point that Dan Slott and Donald Trump are basically the same person.

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