The Beef Bros Are Back… And This Time They've Brought Fanny Packs

In a time where Democratic lawmakers are too incompetent to enact the socialist wishlist agenda Republicans accuse them of wanting, America needs aspirational leftist superheroes more than ever. And to be honest, this would be a pretty crappy news article if it just ended here, like, "unfortunately, there are none available," though we'd certainly be happy to be paid for writing two sentences. But fear not, comrades, because your collective prayers have been answered: co-creators Aubrey Sitterson and Tyrell Cannon, colorist Raciel Avila, and letterer Taylor Esposito are returning for Beef Bros Behind Bars, a brand-new, double-sized, prestige format Beef Bros graphic novella, available starting today and for the next month on Kickstarter.

The Beef Bros Are Back... And They've Brought the Fanny Packs

Described as "working class champions who stand in opposition to the 'supercops' found in most corporate-owned superhero comics," the Beef Bros were last seen in their eponymous graphic novel that was funded on Kickstarter last year with over $27,000, wealth that, one can only assume, was distributed to each according to their needs. In that book, the Beef Bros took on and overcame the wealth-hoarding landlord of their apartment building, Ted, as well as some corporate superheroes protecting the capitalist hegemony. In the double-sized follow-up, Beef Bros Behind Bars, just launched on Kickstarter today, Huey and Ajax Beef are taking on "the prison-industrial complex and the entirety of the carceral state." And to pull it off, the creators are asking you to pledge — from each according to their abilities, of course — to make the project a reality. Uh, what's that? The pledges don't work that way? Oh, okay. Our bad. So it turns out everyone has to pay the standard price for a copy, regardless of their ability. But forget about all that commie crap, because Beef Bros Behind Bars is also celebrating one of the most beloved accessories ever produced by the clothing-industrial complex: fanny packs.

The Beef Bros Are Back... And They've Brought the Fanny Packs

That's right, finally something new to complement those vintage zubaz you've been holding onto for thirty years. First it was mullets. Now fanny packs. The early nineties are back, baby! And who doesn't love a fanny pack? You can store all your tools for combatting fascist oppression in there. Lipstick. Your cellphone. A pack of Tic Tacs. Emergency beef jerky. An eight-ball of cocaine. The sky's the limit. In addition to the fanny packs, available only as a launch-day exclusive add-on, you can also get your hands on a rare first printing of the first Beef Bros comic you can use to disrupt the capitalist collectors market, and there's a new printing of that comic with a fresh cover as well, as well as other goodies, like motivational prints. Click through to the campaign page here.

The Beef Bros Are Back... And They've Brought the Fanny Packs

Hey! It looks like Nugget is finally packing on some muscle mass! Beef Bros Behind Bars is on Kickstarter now, so hurry up and pledge today if you want the fanny packs. Check out a preview of Beef Bros Behind Bars below:

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