The Daily LITG, 10th February 2020 – Happy Birthday Blake Northcott

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The 10 most-read stories yesterday

  1. "Death Note" Returns for a Special One-Shot Story – Read it Online for Free!
  2. Retconning HoXPoX Already in X-Men #6 [Preview]
  3. What's in the Box?! Superman: Heroes #1 [Preview]
  4. So, The Joker Knows Who All The Robins Really Are… Can Bruce Wayne Be Far Behind?
  5. Supergirl's Infection More Powerful Than Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso? Supergirl #39 [Preview]
  6. Brian Bendis Will Explain Why Harley Quinn Is In the Hall of Justice Celebrating Superman…
  7. Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, 9th February 2020 – "Some People Will Buy Anything With An X
  8. Marvel to Unveil "Most Ambitious Series Ever" by Busiek, Ross, and Cinar Next Week… But We Already Know What It Is
  9. The First Review Of Upstart Crow, The Play – Having Its Cake, Eating It, Smearing It Down Its Puffling Pants
  10. Justice League #50 Explains How Wally West Gets Dr Manhattan's Power In Generation Zero

From one year ago…

  1. Brandon Sanderson Stopped by 'Wheel of Time' Writer's Offices
  2. Dungeons & Dragons' Next Adventure Book Will Go Underwater
  3. Hulk #377 in Big Back Issue Demand After Avengers Endgame Visual 'Leak'
  4. When Mike S Miller Tried to Slip Religious Messages Into X-Men Comics
  5. Has Brian Bendis Made Tim Drake a Virgin Again?

Happening today…

Happy birthday to…

The Daily LITG, 10th February 2020 - Happy Birthday Blake Northcott

  • Blake Northcott, writer of Catwoman, Fathom, Executive Assistant: Iris, Agents of PACT
  • Eliot Rahal, writer of Quantum & Woody, Paybacks, The Doorman, 
  • Adan Jimenez, comics editor at LONTAR: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction
  • Brent Frankenhoff, of Comics Buyer's Guide and the Standard Catalog of Comic Books.

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