The Daily LITG, 18th August 2019, Happy Birthday Brian Bendis

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The 10 most-read stories yesterday

  1. "Animal Kingdom": [SPOILERS] Death Was "Smurf-tastic" Move [Opinion]
  2. Guardian Publishes Art Spiegelman's Full Essay That Marvel Rejected Over Politics
  3. Finally, Todd McFarlane's Own Cover For Spawn #300
  4. House Of X #4 Will Break Your Heart With One Line
  5. "The Rookie" & Afton Williamson: ABC's Not New at This [OPINION]
  6. "Timeless," "Pushing Daisies" & More: Bad Cancels [BC TV MELTDOWN]
  7. Editorial Back-and-Forth-and-Back-and-Forths on the Legion Of Super-Heroes?
  8. Wolverine's Daughter Sends Him to Hell in Marvel Comics Presents #8 [Preview]
  9. "The Flash" Season 6: Danielle Panabaker's "Hall of Villains" Post [Image]
  10. "Elementary": The End of the Modern Sherlock Holmes Era [OPINION]

Happening today…

And a happy birthday to…

brian michael bendis

  • Brian Michael Bendis, co-creator of Powers, Miles Morales, Jessica Jones and current Superman/Legion writer
  • Jeffrey Lang, writer of Grendel Tales.
  • David Barbour writer of Gunfighters In Hell and Spring-Heeled Jack
  • Skip Dietz, former Sales Manager at Marvel Comics.
  • Christopher Allen, inker for Antarctic Press

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