The Orville: Launch Day #2 Review: Fun Twists & Turns

With a comical slant and a hard science fiction edge, this fast-paced, The Orville: Launch Day #2 is an enjoyable issue that gives you many of the thrills of the TV show. The characters are true to themselves, many get a chance to shine, and the photorealistic artwork brings familiar and alien environments to life. This has gone a long way from being a funny Star Trek knockoff into being a legitimately strong and viable science-fiction franchise.

The Orville: Launch Day #2 Review: Fun Twists & Turns
The cover of The Orville: Launch Day #2. Credit: Dark Horse Comics


The crew of the titular space ship is squared off against a Krill fleet (imagine slightly less cranky, photosensitive Klingons) poised to destroy a moon-sized space station orbiting the only inhabited world in the Alibar system. The Orville crew want to investigate and sent down the captain and first officer in disguise, looking for an Alibar native who once served in their organization, the Planetary Union. Finally, the ship's helmsman and chief engineer are in a shuttle, trying to investigate the artifact.
The plot here takes all kinds of fun twists and turns as the Alibar people wrestle with the same kind of xenophobia that let Douglas Adams make Krikkit such an enigma. The solution here is, frankly, a lot less work and has some unintended consequences. Likewise, Bortus, LaMarr, and Grayson all shine brightly with super clutch plays.
Writer David A. Goodman knows these characters inside and out. His balanced script gave the art team of David Cabeza, Michael Atiyeh, Richard Starkings, and Jimmy Betancourt ample opportunities to show struggle both internal and external as the mystery was solved. Much like the show itself, this issue will sneak up on you with just how good it is. RATING: BUY.
The Orville: Launch Day #2
By David A. Goodman, David Cabeza, Michael Atiyeh
PICK UP WHERE SEASON 2 LEFT OFF! With Bortus on the bridge facing a standoff with the Krill, Gordon and John secreted aboard a moon-sized space station searching for clues about its seemingly sinister purpose, and Ed and Kelly on the planet's surface investigating the impending "Launch Day," time is about to run out for everyone in the system–including the Orville! * Written by The Orville Executive Producer David A. Goodman!

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