This New Jersey Coronavirus Poster Is Freaking Everyone Out

As spied by teri.zin, Fätté Mother Mousse, who writes as Zin E. Rocklyn, a Coronavirus warning poster, as seen in an office in New Jersey, and reproduced here with permission given to Bleeding Cool. The question is, who could design such a poster and genuinely not see it in the way, well, that everyone is seeing it.

This New Jersey Coronavirus Poster Is Coming For You
This New Jersey Coronavirus Poster Is Freaking Everyone Out. Image used with permission of teri.zin, Fätté Mother Mousse.

We get that these are meant to be face masks, the little stitching along the side, and straps holding them to their face. But for everyone else who saw it, we see wide-open mouths, tiny little teeth and frowning eyes to the side of the mouths. And they are all coming to get us, of that there is no shadow of a doubt.

Comments include the following;

  • Little (Net Zero) General: "Please help stop the spread of COVID-19, and thereby aid the colonization of Earth by Alpha Centauri"
  • Mesha: Wear a mask or this zombie family will eat you? is this the message here??
  • Bartek Ciszkowski: this is what happens to us next stage of the pandemic we grow huge teeth and turn into monsters the government does not want you to know this is leaked photo!!!
  • Alexandria Ross: To make it less (or more?) terrifying my brain started singing 'baby shark.' It's just missing some fins.
  • SexualBard: "Wear a mask, or we'll eat your face."
  • Bix Dessle: maybe it's time to resort to cannibalistic threats

Vertical Hexagon: Hello I'm in ad design work. They knew 110% what they were doing, if they didn't realize then they need to go back to college

Will anyone admit to being involved with whoever came up with this one? And will you admit knowing what you were doing? We must have answers – or these creatures will eat your face.

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