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Tony Stark Makes Everything Worse (Again) In Ant-Man

Zeb Wells, Dylan Burnett, Mike Spicer and Cory Petit have seen their Ant-Man series from Marvel curtailed and the final issues switched from print to digital-only. Which is even more of a shame as it denied print some rather fun visuals as a result of all four of them. A previous issue (now down in price as a lead-in for the first digital-only issue #4) saw Ant Men Scott Lang and Cassie Lang go to the Avengers for help on a new threat, who threatened world domination from a very small perspective. And now going by the name of Macrothrax, who has some unknown history in the Marvel Universe, as Humbug, created in Web Of Spider-Man #19 by David Micheline and Marc Silvestri. Yes, that Marc Silvestri. ant-man 4 (3)

Buck Mitty was a supercriminal who raised funds to continue his research into insects, who fought Spider-Man. He would later join the Heroes For Hire in an attempt to redeem himself. However,  in the Savage Land, insects there changed him physically, giving him an insect as mask he wore over his face, along with a new suit, and increased powers. Duri World War Hulk, he offered to be a host for the eggs of the Brood Queen, increasing his insectoid appearance. In a later confrontation with Shang-Chi, Humbug has his head ripped off. He clearly got better. Tony Stark takes the opportunity to soup up their Ant-Man equipment.

ant-man 4 (4)

Which, in the new issue, has quite a dramatically visual effect including some solid visual work from letterer Cory Petit.

Tony Stark Makes Everything Worse (Again) In Ant-Man.
Tony Stark Makes Everything Worse (Again) In Ant-Man. Art from Marvel.

It's a new peacock Jack Kirby effect for Stature/Stinger/Ant-Man/Cassie Lang. Which can come in handy when controlling lots of insects.

ant-man 4 (10)

Even if maybe you should control your language, Cassie. More good work from Cory there.

Tony Stark Makes Everything Worse (Again) In Ant-Man.
Tony Stark Makes Everything Worse (Again) In Ant-Man. Art from Marvel.

However, the new Kirby helmet range is rather focused…

ant-man 4 (9)

…I think maybe Mitty has been watching the practice scenes in Big Hero 6. And it fits rather well.

ant-man 4 (7)

And suddenly he has the powers of Ant-Man, and gets an instant promotion amongst his insect brethren. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

ant-man 4 (6)

Oh Iron Man, you create a great weapon, then the other side gets it and uses it against you, freedom and the usual adjectives. How many times have we read that story?

Tony Stark Makes Everything Worse (Again) In Ant-Man.
Tony Stark Makes Everything Worse (Again) In Ant-Man. Art from Marvel.

Looks like we have one more time. That end of the world thing? Tony Stark went and made it far more likely.

Ant-Man (2020) #4 (of 5)
Ant-Man's home has been invaded! And as Macrothrax gets his hands on some Pym Particles, Ant-Man's problems start growing rapidly out of hand. But there's no time to call for help – the insect invasion is already underway!

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