All-New Character Trinary Joins "All-New" Wolverine In Final X-Men Red Cast Reveal… For Now

It's been fun, but now it's over. All day long, Bleeding Cool has been publishing a series of in-depth clickbait articles reporting on today's trickle of teaser reveals exposing the cast of the new Jean Grey led team of X-Men in X-Men Red. We've previously seen Jean Grey, Gentle, Namor, Gabby, and Nightcrawler revealed in Marvel's evolving teaser image. For the final two team members, we have All-New Wolverine, who should really just be called Wolverine at this point since her book has run for more than 25 issues already, and Trinary, who is legitimately an all-new character! Check them out on the teaser image below.

Earlier today, X-Men editor Mark Paniccia promised to reveal most of the roster of the new X-Men Red series slowly throughout the day, a trickle of life-sustaining clickbait article material for comic book websites to get them through a case of the Mondays. The third ongoing core X-Men team book was revealed last Thursday, to be written by Tom Taylor with art by Mahmud Asrar and covers by Travis Charest. In the series, Jean Grey leads a new team of X-Men in a story that will feature "new uniforms, a new team headquarters, and exciting new characters," as well as "dynamic hero moments, great character interactions, and a surprise villain at the end."

In response, Bleeding Cool promised to publish multiple clickbait articles following Marvel's reveals, and boy did we deliver! We hope you enjoyed reading them as much as we enjoyed putting them together with the minimum possible effort.

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