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Wolverine, Jean Grey & Cyclops, One More Time (X-Force #18 Spoilers)
A year and a half ago, looking at the new X-Men #1  by Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Francis Yu, we noted what appeared to be… convenient living quarters for Scott Summers – Cyclops and his wife Jean Grey – Marvel Girl And adjacent to them, Logan – Wolverine Whose interest in Jean Grey – and[...]
X-Men #17 Review: Krakoa Sends Some Heat
Deathbird — sister to the former empress, frenemy to the mutant nation, puts out a call, and Krakoa sends some heat: Scott Summers, Jean Grey, and Ororo Monroe. This story offers a look at how some of the best of the children of the atom slice through a mystery baffling an empire like a chainsaw through[...]
Wolverine and Jean Grey
The issue sees Jean Grey discovering that the Beast has been manipulating events, killing world leaders and the rest, in order to make X-Men and Krakoa's position in the world stronger And when, in this issue, that doesn't actually work out, she had words for Hank McCoy. Of course, Hank McCoy has a history of going[...]
Jean Grey Goes Omega Level with New Iron Studios X-Men Statue
This time the Omega Level mutant Jean Grey is ready for action This statue stands roughly 10 inches tall and shows of Jean Grey levitating on psionic energy She will be sporting her iconic 90s costume that features the blue and gold color scheme This costume is very popular with her animated appearance in cartoon[...]
Jean Grey's Phoenix costume is one of the most easily-recognizable in comics, but it almost looked a lot different Marvel executive Tom Brevoort has been passing the time amidst the industry shutdown by posting ancient Marvel artwork on Twitter His latest tweet shows off early Dave Cockrum design concepts for Jean's Phoenix costume, some of[...]
Giant Size X-Men: Jean Grey & Emma Frost #1 [Preview]
Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost #1 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Jonathan Hickman and Russell Dauterman, and with the book being both oversized and overpriced, we can probably expect a nice, meaty preview, right? Well, not exactly… Instead, we get just two pages, with not a lot happening. Well, something is[...]
New Marvel Heroes Statues are Coming Soon from Diamond Select
Our first statue release will please 90s fans a Jean Grey from X-Men: The Animated Series get a brightly colored bust We get to see Jean in all her costumed glory and even posing one of her telepathic attacks This statue is limited to only 3,000 pieces so lock down yours while you can She[...]
X-Men #3 [Preview]
X-Men #3 is hitting stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Yu, and in the preview below, it looks like things are finally coming to a head between Jean Grey and Emma Frost after Cyclops spurned Emma in order to be in a three-way relationship with Wolverine, who has two dicks,[...]
The Truth About Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Emma Frost
At least, that's what we thought, but on further examination and study, we believe we have decoded the deep symbology embedded in the Wolverine logo, proving that Jonathan Hickman is every bit the genius his fans claim he is, laying out the details of the relationship between Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Emma Frost, and[...]
Jonathan Hickman Defends Jean Grey's Costume in Coded Message
Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman took to Twitter Tuesday with a coded message in defense of Jean Grey's costume Ditching the costume she had been wearing in X-Men Red, Jean appears in House of X #1 in her classic green miniskirt Marvel Girl costume Hickman posted an image of Phil Noto's House of X #1 variant[...]