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It was a long time since the last issue of Immortal X-Men #16, and a confrontation between Hope Summers, Exodus and a version of Jean Grey and Apocalypse Seven weeks, in fact. Immortal X-Men #16 In between, we had two issues of the Jean Grey mini-series… but the moment had been prepared for With the end of[...]
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Seven! And all the print comics are on issue 4… Uncanny Avengers #4, Jean Grey #4, Children Of The Vault #4, Dark X-Men #4, Astonishing Iceman #4, Alpha Flight #4 and then the Marvel Unlimited X-Men Infinity #112 And that doesn't include Immortal Thor #4. Immortal Thor #4 Al Ewing, who also writes X-Men Red, knows just[...]
Interior preview page from JEAN GREY #4 AMY REEDER COVER
Well, buckle up, my fellow masochists of the monthlies, because on Wednesday, November 15th, we'll finally get to see the mind of the mightiest mind-reader turned inside out in Jean Grey #4 Isn't it just convenient when characters don't know their own power? It's almost like Marvel is saying, "Stick around, the good stuff is[...]
Interior preview page from JEAN GREY #3 AMY REEDER COVER
Brace yourselves, because Jean Grey #3 is making its grand comeback into our lives this Wednesday, October 25th. THE ONE YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! Nearly 35 years later, Louise Simonson returns to the events of Inferno! One of the greatest battles in Marvel Comics history, Jean Grey vs Madelyne Pryor reshaped the world of the X-Men[...]
Interior preview page from JEAN GREY #2 AMY REEDER COVER
So, gather round as Jean Grey #2 is flying into comic book stores this Wednesday, September 27th Our protagonist is set to revisit some cheery landscapes from her past Let's see what our dear friends at Marvel have to say: THE DARKEST PERIOD IN JEAN GREY'S HISTORY! The Dark Phoenix has haunted Jean Grey since it[...]
Printwatch: Conan
JUL238526 $13.99, on sale Sep 27, 2023 CONAN THE BARBARIAN #2 2ND PTG TORRE (W) Jim Zub (A) Roberto de la Torre Publishers: Heroic Signatures & Titan Comics CONAN and his new ally, BRISSA – a deadly Pictish scout, fight back-to-back against a savage horde… only to discover that each success creates a new obstacle to victory over the[...]
Interior preview page from JEAN GREY #1 AMY REEDER COVER
Ah, another Wednesday, another comic dropping like a hot potato, or should I say, a fiery phoenix? Yes folks, it's Jean Grey #1, hitting the shelves this August 23rd Just when you think you're experiencing some sort of comic book déjà vu, Marvel rolls out the resurrection rug and tada! The "Superstar Creators" have promised[...]
Everything Orchis Is Planning For The Hellfire Gala #XSpoilers
In recent issues of the X-Men, married but mingling Jean Grey and Scott Summers – Cyclops – found themselves at odds, and it all comes down to the alien parasitic species, The Brood.  As Bishop brought out Scott's genocidal tendencies in a meeting of the Quiet Council of Krakoa that both were invited to attend. X-Men[...]
Louise Simonson Writes a Jean Grey Krakoan X-Men Comic For Fall Of X
For Fall Of X, she returns to Marvel Comics and the X-Men books to write a Jean Grey X-Men solo comic in August, initially set in the Krakoan present, even as it looks back to the past, with artist Bernard Chang. Why might Jean Grey be solo? Well, we have ideas about that too… FALL OF X[...]
Marvel Tribute For Stan Lee's 100th Birthday In Today's Comics
With the headline "100 Years And Still Inspiring Us All" From Galactus above to the Mole Man's Moloids below, including Spider-Man, Daredevil, Mole Man, Skrulls, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Crystal, Doctor Strange, Dormammu, Scarlet Witch, Kingpin, Iron Man, Thor, Magneto, MODOK, The Watcher, The Enchantress, Black Panther, Mister Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Thing, Human Torch, Doctor[...]
Marvel Comics
Once upon Jean Grey was possessed by the Phoenix Force Becoming one of the most powerful creatures in creation, she burned bright and fast – and in the process, committed genocide, wiping out the race known as the D'Bari by destroying their planet. She died, an act of suicide It was quite the thing The X-Men[...]
Jean Grey #1 CGC Signed By Stan Lee & J. Scott Campbell On Auction
Jean Grey is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, and she has many fans that want to collect her appearances That includes the barrage of variant covers we get featuring her every year One such artist that specializes in variants is J Scott Campbell, one of the most prolific artists in[...]
Pre-orders Arrives for Marvel Legends Animated Jean Grey from Hasbro
Marvel Girl herself, aka Jean Grey, is making her debut as pre-orders arrive from Hasbro for the powerful mutant This special line of figures with be Hasbro Pulse and shopDisney exclusives, with a whole line expected to release for the hit X-Men show We get a full reveal of the Marvel Legends Jean Grey as[...]
The Phoenix Rises as Iron Studios Reveals New X-Men Deluxe Statue
Jean Grey has had a complicated history in Marvel Comics and especially when it comes to the popular X-Men The Dark Phoenix Saga Jean Grey actually stayed dead for a long time in the X-Men comics, and it is was only recently that she returned However, Iron Studios is bringing back Jean Grey as the[...]
The Dark Phoenix Drops Into Fortnite To Burn Everything
Epic Games has dropped another Marvel character into Fortnite as the Jean Grey version of the Dark Phoenix has come to the game One of the most iconic X-Men characters to have ever been created, they are a symbol of ultimate power throughout the galaxy, oftentimes one that must be stopped at all costs as[...]
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The Suicide Squad could have benefitted from Bloodsport yelling orders, in the way Joss Whedon wrote Captain America in The Avengers' now-dubbed Battle Of New York, even if it was just a precursor to the "Hulk… Smash" line. I mean Jean Grey now even has a reference-power, able to feed pop culture nuggets into the brains[...]
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With a kind of optimism and brightness that’s, frankly, been missing in action for Marvel’s merry mutants, X-Men #1's new take on the classic franchise
Jean Grey Joins Her Fellow X-Men With New Marvel MAFEX Figure 
The Omega level mutant Jean Grey is back as Medicom reveals their newest Marvel Comics action figure This popular X-Men is ready for action as she sports her legendary Jim Lee yellow and blue costume from the 90s This costume is easily way more popular than her other suits, as it is also showcased in[...]
Wolverine, Jean Grey & Cyclops, One More Time (X-Force #18 Spoilers)
A year and a half ago, looking at the new X-Men #1  by Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Francis Yu, we noted what appeared to be… convenient living quarters for Scott Summers – Cyclops and his wife Jean Grey – Marvel Girl And adjacent to them, Logan – Wolverine Whose interest in Jean Grey – and[...]
X-Men #17 Review: Krakoa Sends Some Heat
Deathbird — sister to the former empress, frenemy to the mutant nation, puts out a call, and Krakoa sends some heat: Scott Summers, Jean Grey, and Ororo Monroe. This story offers a look at how some of the best of the children of the atom slice through a mystery baffling an empire like a chainsaw through[...]
Wolverine and Jean Grey
The issue sees Jean Grey discovering that the Beast has been manipulating events, killing world leaders and the rest, in order to make X-Men and Krakoa's position in the world stronger And when, in this issue, that doesn't actually work out, she had words for Hank McCoy. Of course, Hank McCoy has a history of going[...]
Jean Grey Goes Omega Level with New Iron Studios X-Men Statue
This time the Omega Level mutant Jean Grey is ready for action This statue stands roughly 10 inches tall and shows of Jean Grey levitating on psionic energy She will be sporting her iconic 90s costume that features the blue and gold color scheme This costume is very popular with her animated appearance in cartoon[...]
Jean Grey's Phoenix costume is one of the most easily-recognizable in comics, but it almost looked a lot different Marvel executive Tom Brevoort has been passing the time amidst the industry shutdown by posting ancient Marvel artwork on Twitter His latest tweet shows off early Dave Cockrum design concepts for Jean's Phoenix costume, some of[...]
Giant Size X-Men: Jean Grey & Emma Frost #1 [Preview]
Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost #1 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Jonathan Hickman and Russell Dauterman, and with the book being both oversized and overpriced, we can probably expect a nice, meaty preview, right? Well, not exactly… Instead, we get just two pages, with not a lot happening. Well, something is[...]
New Marvel Heroes Statues are Coming Soon from Diamond Select
Our first statue release will please 90s fans a Jean Grey from X-Men: The Animated Series get a brightly colored bust We get to see Jean in all her costumed glory and even posing one of her telepathic attacks This statue is limited to only 3,000 pieces so lock down yours while you can She[...]