Is This The True Identity Of Mr. Oz In Superman? (Possible Spoilers)

Well, we are full into San Diego Comic-Con territory now, which means that all sorts of people start meeting in bard, in sushi restaurants, at Mexican food trucks, in the line for Ralph's and under the Sails trying to work out exactly how much further they have to walk to get anywhere they want. And especially the bars of the Hyatt, the Marriott, the Hilton and the Omni, juggling a spirit in a glass with a black straw and a black napkin. And they start gossiping. Trading in information. Spoiling what they have heard from one person, in exchange for knowledge from another. And every now and then, one of those crumbs reaches someone at Bleeding Cool.

I would like to underline that I do not know the source of this information and cannot judge it so. But it makes enough sense that I might be thinking…ah. Yes. I could see that.


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DC Comics has been dropping many hints about the identity of this Mr. Oz fellow. The Nostalgia perfume logo tattoo, the spying through television screens that make nine panel grids, and the name Mr. Oz, and the great big monsters, in concordance with the much-lauded Watchmen/DC Universe crossover, that would indicate that this is Ozymandias from Watchmen, with yet another plan. And one that involved creating and defeating Supermen…and training them to be who they are at some point.

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The character has remained most enigmatic as he has involved himself in the lives of a number of DC Universe characters, kidnapping the powerful or the iconic, from Doomsday to Mr. Mxyzptlk to…Red Robin. It's not always been from the shadows either, but face to face.

mr. oz

So what is going on? He is in fact Ozymandias? Or would that be just too easy? Too set up, too teased, too easy to guess?

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Well, from what I am being told, and this is me using grains of salt here, Mr. Oz is no stranger to Superman. Although what Superman would remember is up in the air.  But Mr. Oz is, apparently, Jor-El. His biological father. But not any Jor-El, but the pre-Crisis Jor-El. This one.

Is This The True Identity Of Mr. Oz In Superman? (Possible Spoilers)

Who is trying to put his son back together again from all the divided continuities, and using the power of Dr. Manhattan to get the job done…

Let's see where this actually goes, yes?

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