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And With That, Gail Simone Joins The Women Of Marvel Panel At C2E2?
There have been a few ups and down since, but with the news that Simone's The Movement is cancelled, so we also get the news that, after contributing to the Deadpool anniversary title, she'll be writing an issue of Savage Wolverine for Marvel Comics. More to come? CBR have a few of tomorrow's May solicitations to play[...]
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Cheer up Savage Wolverine! It can't be that bad!  Sure you're a mutated freak of nature, with claws embedded in your hands, like some offshoot of royal inbreeding of the upper classes. Exactly, Sabretooth from Standard Wolverine, just like that But things could look worse You could look like this. From Cryptozoic Man #3 And it's okay[...]
Bleeding Cool's Best Comic Panels of 2013
For me, a panel that asserts the strangeness comics are capable of represents the ongoing vitality of the medium. Madeline Ricchiuto's choices are: From Savage Wolverine #10, with story and art by Jock I've been a fan of Jock's art for years, and while I tend to be leery of people who start in one medium and move[...]
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No "stet" expressions here! Wolverine, famed champion of animal rights, there, as Savage Wolverine kinda crosses over with Liberator It's up to you whether you find the scene where he slices his face off more nauseating, of when the elephants start talking to him. New Avengers does a rather neat trick of having the Black Priests, as[...]
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I mean, seriously, has anyone heard of Matt Howarth lately? Aliens who look nothing like us, but behave in a very mundane human fashion. While Savage Wolverine does the opposite Hey, wait a minute, didn't we do this story in Captain America a few months ago? Rat Queens have another orifice to obsess over Just hope they[...]
From Hellblazer To The Loser To Savage Wolverine – The Art Of Jock
The British illustrator who has worked on series like Hellblazer: Pandemonium, The Losers, Savage Wolverine will be joining other artists on the shelf like Alex Ross, Sean Phillips and Howard Chaykin. Jock got his break in comics working on Judge Dredd for 2000AD with then editor Andy Diggle who he later co-created the Vertigo series The Losers[...]
A Chip Off The Old Jock
[youtube][/youtube] Jock's fifteen-year-old son Aubrey has created a trailer for Jock's upcoming run on Savage Wolverine…. [youtube][/youtube] Jock's fifteen-year-old son Aubrey has created a trailer for Jock's upcoming run on Savage Wolverine…. [youtube][/youtube] Jock's fifteen-year-old son Aubrey has created a trailer for Jock's upcoming run on Savage Wolverine…. [...]
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And no one will bother you again… So, apparently this comic is called Savage Wolverine I wonder why? And, apparently this comic is called Savage Dragon I wonder why? Anyone for Sushi? Or do you have anything you'd prefer to eat? Have you got any ketchup with that, Zero #1? Seriously, there's just too much cannibalism in comics[...]
BC Mag #5: Frank Cho Gallery
Bleeding Cool Magazine article excerpt by Rich Johnston Welcome to the Frank Cho gallery. No other name in comics simultaneously evokes the same reverence
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In Savage Wolverine, the… well, savage version.  And in Wolverine… the negotiator.If he wants to If his face isn't been fried off And, you know, safe in the knowledge that he has six adamantium blades tucked handily away underneath the subcutaneous fat. He can even stand in a field of sheep in Psylocke's dream in Uncanny[...]
Jock To Write And Draw A Very Savage Wolverine Indeed
USA Today has reported that British comics creator Jock is to take on the Savage Wolverine title after Joe Madueira and Zeb Wells's short run on the book And that he'll be writing and drawing the book. Jock, the co-re-imagined of The Losers and co-creator of Snapshot from Rebellion and Image, is best known for his[...]
A New Galactus And His Herald? Upcoming Designs From Frank Cho's Savage Wolverine
  These are two model sheets, clearly by Frank Cho, concerning something going on in Savage Wolverine Or at least, suggesting something to come Visher-Rakk, the six-limbed crab-like second Galactus, and a surfboard-less herald called Morrigon Who is probably a cross between the Ood and Grant Morrison. These may well be designs for something that didn't happen,[...]
Reasons To Love Frank Cho #76. And Not Just His Man Thing Goo
From last week's Savage Wolverine, before Shanna The She-Devil is resurrected from the dead by submerging her corpse in Man Thing goo, that dribbles down his body and crotch and onto her prone body. Oh Frank. But anyway That's not the reason to love him This is. And it proceeded to tickle the back of my head during[...]
How Frank Cho Grew His Man Thing
Step by step, how Frank Cho grew his Man Thing for Savage Wolverine; This is a double page spread in my upcoming Savage Wolverine #4 book, coming out in April. Here's the step-by-step process in drawing that monster double page spread As you can see, most of the vegetation and figure work were no more than mere[...]
A Comic Show – Saga, Savage And Snyder
[youtube][/youtube] Aaron Haaland writes; Hey Fandom! Saga #9 is out! I love this book so much I'll be giving away the second print of #7 with the first volume! Jump on this book in the single issues and feel all the feels of each cliffhanger in real time with 30 days in between! Savage Wolverine was beautifully drawn[...]
More Joe Quesada One In A Hundred And Skottie Young Baby Variant Covers…
Here are a few new variant covers from Marvel… with exactly the way you might be able to get copies for yourself. The 1:100 Savage Wolverine cover by Joe Quesada The 1:100 Superior Spider-Man cover by Joe Quesada Skottie Young Baby variant available to retailers who exceed 125% of their orders for AVX VS #3 wth order[...]
Monday Trending Topics: The Censored Frank Cho
Again.  Here's the cover to Savage Wolverine #1 from Frank Cho Isn't it pretty? We got an early glimpse of it back in August. Is Red Hood For The Chop?  From the solicitations of Red Hood And The Outlaws #17, part of Death Of The Family DC's New Vibe Title To Be Called Justice League Of America's Vibe  It does[...]
The Censored Frank Cho. Again.
Here's the cover to Savage Wolverine #1 from Frank Cho Isn't it pretty? We got an early glimpse of it back in August. Now of course, Wolverine has been added As well as a few fronds? A little checking found me the original, uncensored version. Frank Cho has had a history of censored work for Marvel Comics[...]
Savage Frank Cho Oil Painting
Frank Cho's first oil painting for Marvel as a variant cover for Savage Wolverine #1… Frank Cho's first oil painting for Marvel as a variant cover for Savage Wolverine #1… Frank Cho's first oil painting for Marvel as a variant cover for Savage Wolverine #1… Frank Cho's first oil painting for Marvel as a variant[...]