Isn't It About Time for a Vampire Ghost Rider? Next Week's Avengers #15 (Preview)

We sure do have a lot of Ghost Riders in the Marvel Universe nowadays. We started out with two Ghost Riders, both of them pretty basic, riding motorcycles. But these days we've got a Ghost Rider who drives a car, a prehistoric Ghost Rider, and even a cosmic Ghost Rider. Ghost Riders are practically the new Wolverine!

In that kind of competitive environment for ghost riding, you need to do something to differentiate yourself if you really want to stand out, and no, just saving the universe from evil Celestials isn't going to cut it. Perhaps that's why Robbie Reyes appears to be turning to extreme measures in next week's issue of Avengers, apparently turning into a vampire as part of the War of the Vampire storyline.

Will this be enough to set him apart from all the other Ghost Riders? Or will he just end up murdering all his teammates? We'll find out when Avengers #15 hits stores next Wednesday.

Avengers #15
(W) Jason Aaron (A/CA) David Marquez
Dracula forges unholy alliances from his prison cell. Ghost Rider goes berserk. The Shadow Colonel and his new Legion of the Unliving raise bloody hell all over the globe. It's a good thing the Avengers just added a startling new member to the team.
Rated T+
In Shops: Feb 20, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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