Venom #157 Review: The War Of Hunters Continues

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Mayor Wilson Fisk has verified the existence of the dinosaur people beneath New York City, and he has charged Kraven the Hunter with putting them down. Kraven is now officially sanctioned to hunt in the catacombs, but Venom is still determined to stop him. Kraven has warned the city of Venom's presence.

Unfortunately, the symbiote's mental state is deteriorated, and Alchemax doesn't have the medicine to treat this problem currently.

On top of everything, Kraven has also enlisted the help of an old foe of Venom's.

Venom #157 cover by Mark Bagley, John Dell, and John Rauch
Venom #157 cover by Mark Bagley, John Dell, and John Rauch

The hunt continues with Venom especially pissed off and ready to separate Kraven's head from his body. The wounds suffered last issue enraged both Eddie and the symbiote as much as the murdering of the dinosaur people. Eddie has no patience for Kraven's antics anymore.

The struggle between Venom and Kraven becomes something akin to a war this issue. Each side has allies and soldiers to help them. Each interaction is a battle which ebbs back and forth. It's a vicious conflict between two expert killers, and I'm not sure how exactly it will end.

Venom #157 art by Mark Bagley, John Dell, Scott Hanna, and Dono Sanchez-Almara
Venom #157 art by Mark Bagley, John Dell, Scott Hanna, and Dono Sanchez-Almara

Mark Bagley's artwork in this comic has been and continues to be wonderful. Each character looks striking, the action is intense, and Venom looks like the intimidating beast he should always be. Bagley is doing some of his finest work with this comic book, and that's saying a lot with someone with a career like Mark Bagley.

There is something to be said about how heavy and dynamic the inking is here. Inking is an important part of the art process, but you don't often notice it when it's done well. However, here, it adds a whole other level of weight to the artwork which deserves to be praised. Scott Hanna and John Dell do an excellent job with this comic.

Dono Sanchez-Almara's color art is great in this comic too. The color balance is fantastic, and each panel pops off the page. The entire art team is incredible.

Venom is rising quickly to become one of my favorite of Marvel's offerings, and I hope Mike Costa, Mark Bagley, Scott Hanna, John Dell, and Dono Sanchez-Almara continue their fantastic work with this comic. Keep up the good work, guys. I highly recommend this series. Give it a read.

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