Waid And Samnee Aim To Make Captain America Great Again For Marvel Legacy

One of the big threats…er, promises behind Marvel Legacy is purportedly showing respect to the storied past of the Marvel Universe and its iconic characters, while also looking to the future. But what if a character's legacy has been irreparably tarnished?

Waid And Samnee Aim To Make Captain America Great Again For Marvel Legacy

When Captain America returns to Legacy numbering of #695 in November, writer Mark Waid and Chris Samnee will aim to put a fist through the smug face of the damaged reputation of Steve Rogers in the wake of Cap's fascist adventures in Secret Empire.

"Our issues are set several months after the conclusion of Secret Empire," said Waid in an EXCLUSIVE interview with IGN. "As great a story as that was, and we will refer to it, our mission is to look forward and create new adventures."

But how to address critics who find Steve irredeemable after his antics in that super-mega-crossover event, and after the character has become an apparent inspiration for white supremacists?

Actually, best not ask that one. Instead, let's look to the type of story Waid and Samnee intend to tell instead, which Waid, to his enormous credit, says is "very much a hearkening back to a more bombastic, classic era of Marvel, with a more modern feel. Chris and I are working to wed the grandeur of the Silver Age Captain America of yore with today's Steve Rogers and today's Marvel Universe, and we're having a ball."

As the solicitation says, "Steve begins a journey across America to restore his tarnished reputation" in Captain America #695. After Secret Empire, will readers be willing to follow along? We'll soon find out.

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