All I Wanna Be Is A Cute Pony: My Little Pony Friends Forever #36

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The world of Equestria is a fantastic, complicated place within the My Little Pony universe. The show in itself does a good job of showing conflicts and problems that can even apply to the real world, and the comic is no different.

In My Little Pony: Friends Forever #36 we see our pony friends enjoying the first snow of the season, and Rainbow Dash was just starting to enjoy it when her boss from the Wunderbolts, Spitfire, crashes Dash's party and sends her on an assignment to bring Soarin back from from the Yaket Mountain Range. Twilight Sparkle tries to talk Dash out of this, but Dash would never turn  her back on her friends, much like Twilight never does to hers.

All I Wanna Be Is A Cute Pony: My Little Pony Friends Forever #36

What I enjoy about this series is that it exposes kids to, as cliché as it sounds, is that they show what friendship is. It's showing concern and love, selflessness and respect. When Dash is in the Yaket Mountains, she learns that Soarin still feels like a failure, and is still finding his own way in the Wonderbolts. Dash understands, and shows a level of empathy and care that kids will easily understand.

My Little Pony Friends Forever Panel 5

What I love about this series is that it shows kids that being weak or self conscious is normal, but there are people who care. And believing in yourself isn't a bad thing either!

My Little Pony Friends Forever Panel 6

Christina Rice writes an easy to comprehend story, but that doesn't make it any less interesting. She conveys the raw cockiness Rainbow Dash has in the show, but still softens it when things are really tough. Artist Tony Fleecs is a great artist. His depiction of the pony gang is accurate and easy on the eyes. However, Heather Breckel steals the show with her colors. They're vivid and bright, just like in the show. This is a very eye appealing book, and should easily draw in young readers. I enjoyed it as well, and being outside the age demographic isn't a problem. This is an enjoyable series.

All I Wanna Be Is A Cute Pony: My Little Pony Friends Forever #36

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