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"We're Dealing With Two Types Of Monsters" – Corinna Bechko Talks Aliens Vampirella

Corinna Bechko talks to Byron Brewer about Dynamite's Aliens/Vampirella #3. Cover by Gabriel Hardman.

AliensVampi03CovAHardmanBYRON BREWER: What is the greatest challenge in bringing these two popular franchises together, and has that made for a better or more difficult story telling?

CORINNA BECHKO: The biggest challenge is the fact that we're dealing with two types of monster here, so one of them (Vampirella) has to be a bit sympathetic. At the same time, we need to be reminded about what she is truly capable of doing, or else she is just a heroic person and we lose what's interesting about her. It's a fine line to walk, but one that has spurred what I  hope are some fun scenes.

BB: Corinna, with your experience with Planet of the Apes, you are the queen of bringing franchises to comics. Do you find the Aliens franchise as enjoyable to work with as you once said POTA was?

CB: Haha, thanks! The answer is yes, absolutely, although they are quite different worlds. In POTA, a lot of the tension rested on the political situation, a much more sci-fi concept. Here, the tension is about scary things that move around in the dark, more of a horror concept. So they are both fun to write, but in different ways.

BB: By November, you will be mid-way through this limited series. Is it too early to ask if you would already change something that kind of wrote itself into the story and was not part of your original plan? Or do you like it, if there is such an element?

CB: Is it awful of me to say I wouldn't change anything? I had the story pretty well worked out before I began scripting, so not too much has been left to chance. Except, of course, the excellent work that Javier is putting in on the art side. New ways of doing things are always found when doing layouts, and that's a good thing.

BB: How has it been working with artist Javier Garcia-Miranda?

CB: Collaborating with Javier has been wonderful. He brings so much to the project! Without him, it would be a very different book indeed.

BB: Has Lars been a great element for you in this story?

CB: Lars is a very important part of the story. Vampirella is involved in most of the action, but she's such an extraordinary character that we really need someone to connect with who is more understandable. Lars fills that gap since he's just a regular guy who takes a leap of faith by trusting Vampirella.

BB: Would you like to write a solo Vampirella book at some point? Is she a character you enjoy?

CB: I wouldn't be against that at all! I do very much enjoy writing her. She's so capable and self-confident, and she's got a great sense of humor. In short, she's a lot of fun and she can handle just about anything I throw at her.

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