Whatever Happened To… Spider-Ham's Mark Armstrong And Joe Albedo?


Spider-Verse has seen the return of Spider-Ham to Marvel Comics, now a part official Marvel crosstime continuity.

The story of his creation by Tom DeFalco and Larry Hama for Marvel's Star Comics line has been told, but neither of them have seen or heard from their artists on those early books in over a decade.



Mark Armstrong drew his first appearance in Marvel Tails and both he and Joe Albelo drew the Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham series.

The comic has built up quite the fan following and the art for the series is regularly praised.


Albedo worked as an inker for Valiant Comics in the Jim Shooter days but I'm struggling to find any published work from the pair in recent decades, aside from an Image mini-series, Megahurtz, that Albelo lettered.

The character was a gateway drug into comics for many people, and possibly with the holidays upon us, they might be able to find a use for supplementary income if they were to make themselves available for commission requests. I wonder if they even know about the character's resurgence?

Anyone have a contact?

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