Whose Angoulême Is It Anyway?

Image-1Last month, the owners of the Angoulême Festival, the largest comic book convention in the Western World, announced that it had canceled its contract with organisers 9eme Art+ Association, who have run the show for almost a decade. They'd still do the next one in 2016, but after that was to be up for grabs, for interested parties to get involved.

At which point 9eme Art+ reported that the communication from the Angoulême Festival Association ceasing their partnership was irregular and, since the deadline to cancel it is gone, they are still in charge of the Angoulême Festival. And will be until at least 2027, thanks to a ten year renewal clause in their contract.

And in stereotypical fashion, everyone on either side is throwing mud at each other.

It makes the battle over San Diego Comic Con's trademark and future in the city look like fish taco crumbs….

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