Why Do All The Speedster Villains Fight The Flash?

There is something about the comic universes that I don't quite understand. Why are there any villains in Metropolis or Central City? Bad guys aren't known for doing things the hard way. That's the point, they want lots of money for next to no work. So if you are a criminal, why would you commit crimes in cities protected by Superman and the Flash?

And lets get more specific… why do speedster villains keep taking on the Flash? I understand why writers keep creating those villains, because they take away what makes Barry Allen super. If both the good guy and the bad guy can run at super speed, then the battle is equal. But why would Zoom or Reverse-Flash, Cobalt Blue or Savitar want things to be equal when they could have their way with Star City, Coast City and Opal City.

The answer seems to be that the battle must be personal. They don't just want to become rich, they have something specifically against Barry… or Wally West… or Jay Garrick… that they can't get from other heroes. That leads us to the latest villain, Godspeed. What's his story and how do his powers differ from The Flash? According to Joshua Williamson, that answer is a spoiler… but whatever it is, it's something Barry wishes he could do.

In the video below, Jason Inman interviews Williamson about God Speed and when Barry will team with Kid Flash. He also talks about the upcoming Speed of Dark storyline that brings back Shade.

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