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Godspeed Returns as McFarlane Toys Reveals New DC Comics Figure
Finally, at long last, Godspeed is racing on in with his first DC Comic action figure with McFarlane Toys In 2016, DC Comics kicked off their new DC Rebirth event giving us an incredible Flash storyline The story included the arrival of a Speed Force storm which created chaos in Central City as it gave[...]
the flash
Before we get to the festivities shown in the preview images that were released earlier, this week's seventh season finale of The CW's The Flash still has the very pressing matter of the "Godspeed War" to contend with- which means all speedsters on deck But even with Iris (Candice Patton), Bart (Jordan Fisher), Nora (Jessica Parker[...]
The Flash Races on in With a New Wave of Pops From Funko
The Flash's newest wave will consist of The Flash, Godspeed, Killer Frost, and Bloodwork Both Flash and Godspeed will be getting a special Glow in the Dark variants with our Scarlet Speedster heading to FunkoShop and Godspeed going to GameStop Whether you are a fan of the DC Comic series or the show, Godspeed is[...]
Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in The Flash, courtesy of The CW.
On the plus side, they head into the episode with Barry (Grant Gustin) having repaired his "Crisis"-damaged friendship with Hartley Rathaway (Andy Mientus) aka Pied Piper, even though the mystery behind Godspeed deepened On the Mirrorvierse front, it looks like Cisco (Carlos Valdes) has a plan to get Iris (Candice Patton) and Kamilla (Victoria Park) back[...]
The Flash 6x18 Sneak Peek "Pay the Piper" (HD) Season 6 Episode 18 Sneak Peek
Up to now, we've been concentrating on two things heading into this week's episode "Pay the Piper." Obviously, the big headline-grabber for this week's episode of The CW's The Flash is the return of Godspeed and learning more about the mystery surrounding him, her, and/or them In addition, we're going to learn more "Crisis" backstory[...]
Godspeed returns in The Flash, courtesy of The CW.
With The CW's The Flash down to the final two episodes of its abbreviated sixth season, "Pay the Piper" is looking to deliver on the promised series star Grant Gustin made late last month: Godspeed's back and viewers are going to learn more about the mystery surrounding the character Thankfully, Barry has the reformed Hartley[...]
Grant Gustin is Barry Allen in The Flash, courtesy of The CW.
With fewer episodes and a mountain of questions to be answered and mysteries to be solved, fans are a little nervous that the season might end feeling more incomplete than "cliffhanger." One dangling plot thread that will definitely be addressed is Godspeed, the future speedster with the high frequency-emitting clones who we haven't heard much[...]
'The Flash' Season 5, Episode 18: The Coming of "Godspeed" Revealed! [PREVIEW]
The CW's The Flash returns with the 18th episode of the fifth season "Godspeed" this week – directed by none other than Team Flash's own Danielle Panabaker! According to the official synopsis from the CW, we can expect the following: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihVS_A0jlgcVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Flash 5×18 Promo "Godspeed" (HD) Season 5[...]
The only bump in the road on this idea is that Letscher just signed on for the new season of Narcos, and it will depend on his schedule. The final rumor going around that might be tied into this is the introduction of the character of Godspeed into the Arrowverse The theory is that August Heart[...]
Flash #36 cover by Barry Kitson and Hi-Fi
Godspeed shows up once more, and he seems to be going through some interesting character changes. The plan and actions being taken by the Rogues seem out of character for them It's unusually vicious for this band of honorable thieves. This issue has managed to pinpoint my running issue with Flash at this point in time, and[...]
Why Do All The Speedster Villains Fight The Flash?
That leads us to the latest villain, Godspeed What's his story and how do his powers differ from The Flash? According to Joshua Williamson, that answer is a spoiler… but whatever it is, it's something Barry wishes he could do. In the video below, Jason Inman interviews Williamson about God Speed and when Barry will team[...]