"Why Doesn't Batman Have Relationships? He's Gothamsexual" — Scott Snyder, And Other Stuff From The DC All-Access Panel

The DC All-Access Panel has just concluded, ably liveblogged by Pete Sailer (@PetesPanels) and Romeo Gebuza (@therealroman) on the scene at NYCC for Bleeding Cool.  Head over to their liveblog for the nitty gritty, but here's a few highlights (in reverse order!):

Last question: "Do you agree with DC's statement that characters don't deserve happy endings?"

Higgins: "You don't want to end a story. Drama requires conflict."
Snyder: "Why doesn't Batman have relationships? He's Gothamsexual."

Q: "What are you doing for Batman's 75th anniversary?"
Snyder: "Biggest, craziest Batman story I've ever done…Cold case story featuring the Meak…sci-fi story set in the future for Detective #27 that ties into my run."
Cunningham gives him a Kindle Fire

Q: Why inspired you for this big Riddler push?
A: Riddler's view on challenges and his superiority complex make him the perfect first villain.

Q: How does the reveal of Dick Grayson's identity affect the Bat Family?
A: Stay tuned!

Q: "Do you ever sneak details about loved ones into your stories?"
Higgins: "I've run out of friends to kill."

Fan asks if it's hard to switch between writing The Joker and real life
Snyder: "The first story was about love. If he comes back, it'll be about hatred."
Cunningham gives him a Nexus 7.

Generic DC Stephanie Brown response

ANOTHER obligatory Stephanie Brown question

Obligatory Stephanie Brown question
Higgins: "Nightwing #25″

"What would you change about the crossover process?"
Higgins: "I would have Scott Snyder be less of a dictator. God, all the phone calls."

Lee Bermejo's Luther/Joker absolute edition out October 23rd.

Kyle Higgins: "It only takes a giant earthquake to rebuild the Valley? Can I call in one now?"

30 years after Los Angeles is hit with a huge earthquake. LA secedes from the US and splits into two halves, a walled citadel in the Valley, New Angeles and the sprawling ghetto Lost Angeles.

Lee Bermejo's Suiciders #1 out next year.

Nightwing #24 will be the end of the Prankster storyline. #25 will be a Zero Year tie-in. Higgins describes it as an "urban fantasy with a young Dick Grayson."

After a one year later time skip, Terry and Bruce are no longer speaking. Terry will be working with a middle aged Dick Grayson in Batman Beyond Universe.

Writing American Vampire Second Cycle now. Will be out in March.

Snyder on The Wake: Issue #6 will be a post apocalyptic story with a new character. Almost like a sequel to the first half of The Wake set hundreds of years in the future.

The Wake #5 will be the big ending of the first act. "Huge cataclysmic thing happens."

Meant to always be a meditation on Batman's relationship with the Joker and the family. Really proud of the new additions in the trade.

Death of the Family trade will feature changes not possible in original New 52 publication.

Death of the Family first printing hardcover will feature acetate cover with peelable off Joker face.

Snyder: "You'll learn why Bruce thinks Gordon is one of the biggest villains."

Showed page from #25. Gotham is completely on fire. "This will happen."

Big bad of 2nd arc is new reinvention of an old old villain.

Snyder "What he (Riddler) trying to do is make the city smarter."

Snyder on Zero Year "Fast paced story broken into three chapters."

Snyder almost spoiled Batman #24 with Capullo while drinking.

First Zero Year draft "had pieces of Year One mixed up in it" originally. Snyder was disappointed and came to the conclusion that he had to start from scratch.

Round of applause for Batman #24. Cunningham: "Minor story. Not that much happens."

Dustin is drawing Lil Gotham 21 even though 7 is not out yet.

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