Will The iPad Pro Make Every Comic An Absolute Comic? Ish?


The Absolute line of comics from DC, pioneered at the publisher by Scott Dunbier, and now replicated by other companies is a format featuring oversized, hardcover comics hitting 15.8 inches in height. The art blown up, the production values and paper quality raised, extras added and maybe even a slipcase.

In comparison, reading comic books on most hand held devices, especially when they just try to replicate the print comic format, can be a tiresome affair constantly pinching in and out to read the text, of following a Guided view that blows up small panels far larger than ever intended.

Well the iPad Pro may be a solution. An expensive solution, sure. But it is 12.9 inch, retina screened and gorgeous looking. At that size, there is no zooming in. The pages look very Absolute-like. And with those oversized volumes selling north of $100, it wouldn't take too many of those to make the price seem a little more reasonable….

Until the Dell XPS 12 comes along that is.

But as for creating comic books? Compared to the much favoured Wacom?

Latency latency latency. As in all that latency I can visibly see as I wait for my stroke to catch up with my Cintiq pen.

Oops! Dragged my pen too far because I couldn't see where the strike would end up. Guess that's why I mapped 10 of these buttons to Ctrl+Z.

This is the game-changer with the Apple Pencil — barely any latency, so you actually feel like the pencil is leaving ink and can see the outcome of your drawing as it's happening. Makers of real-life pencils got this figured out years ago.

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