X-Men, Wolverine, Kill Lock, & Cat Sh-t? The Back Order List 3/25/2020

Every week, until this current week, your Local Comic Book shop got in the weekly assortment of comics, trades, posters, action figures, and other goodies from Diamond.  Now some of these goodies sell out fast from your LCBS, so Tuesday and Wednesday LCBS retailers get on the phone (more often the computer) and let Diamond know they need more.  Or sometimes they go to unpack those Diamond boxes and find items missing, or too damaged to sell (it does happen), retailers have to let Diamond know.  However, the phrase no retailer likes to hear when they go to report those shortages, damages or reorders is: "Sorry that item is on back order", which means there are no more copies to send out from the Diamond warehouse.

A stack of comic books from comic book publishers.
Comics from comic book publishers such as Marvel Comics and DC Comics, photo by Studio Matitanera / Shutterstock.com.

Last week, the final week for a product scheduled for March of 2020, brings an end to Diamond shipping out new product for the foreseeable future and sees the Back Order List also go on hiatus.  However, let's see what went on Back Order on this last week Diamond was shipping out new product to the Local Comic Book Shops.

A Marvel Dominated Back Order List

Unlike last week, but like almost all the other weeks before it, Marvel dominated the Back Order List with several of their titles no longer available for Diamond to send replacements for. The rest of the list is just one title from several companies, as sales were down for this last week of new comics for the foreseeable future…

DC had one comic go on the Back Order List, the Variant Cover for Batgirl #45 from the Dodsons.

Batgirl 45B cover on back order

IDW saw another issue of the Kill Lock go on the list, with #4 long gone.

Kill Lock 4 cover on back order

Antarctic Press gets its first entry on the Back Order List for the year with Cat Shit Book One #1.  The manga reprint series focused on realistic Vietnam stories using furry depictions of soldiers had a higher demand then thought…

Cat Shit 1 cover on back order

Marvel finishes up the Back Order List with six entries, with all but one being X-Men books.

Both covers for Giant Size X-Men Nightcrawler #1, gone, gone.

Giant Size X-Men Nightcrawler 1A

Giant Size X-Men Nightcrawler 1B

Wolverine #2 sees both the main cover

Wolverine 2A

and the Spider-Woman Variant gone on to the Back Order List.

Wolverine 2B cover on back order

X-Men #9 also disappears onto the Back Order List.

X-Men 9 cover on back order

Star Wars finishes out the Back Order List with another Star Wars series becoming super popular (ala Kylo Ren mini-series) with Star Wars Bounty Hunter #2 Main Cover no longer available from Diamond.

Star Wars Bounty 2 cover on back order

So for those able to still go to your LCBS and see any of these "back order titles" grab them if you want them, because Diamond won't be sending anything for a while, and when they can they won't be able to send any more copies of these books for sure…

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