#XMenMonday Shocker: Jordan White Reveals Final Age of X-Man Connecting Variant

In a stunning reversal, Marvel X-Editor Jordan White reinstated #XMenMonday just one week after announcing he had moved the weekly tradition to #XMenTuesday, Bleeding Cool can exclusively confirm. White posted the final InHyuk Lee connecting variant for the first issues of the Age of X-Man mini-series, the cover for Apocalypse and the X-Tracts #1, on Twitter in response to a request from Xavier Files.

White, who was promoted to Senior Editor at Marvel after famously boasting that he could get Bleeding Cool to write an article about anything he tweeted on a Monday by withholding the sacred #XMenMonday preview tweets, skipped three straight weeks of #XMenMondays before announcing last week that he had changed the holiday to #XMenTuesday. But something seems to have changed White's mind, as he continued appeasing the wishes of X-Men fans by posting the full connecting variant image, as well as three cropped versions in higher res, perfect for desktop wallpaper.

While we're glad to see that White has come to his senses and begun respecting #XMenMonday again, this does leave the awkward question fo what will now happen to #XMenTuesday. Yes, #XMenTuesday was just introduced last week, but it has already become a staple of the comics news click economy, with many clickbait websites such as this one counting on the feature to provide content for Tuesday articles. As such, we must demand that Jordan White continue to honor both #XMenMonday and #XMenTuesday in the future, providing previews and other content on Twitter that can be converted into "news" articles.

Here's the images White posted today:

Of course, we have yet to hear from Kelly Thompson, who never fails to provide an #XMenMonday preview from Mr. and Mrs. X, so we'll be sure to be on the lookout for her tweet later today and will update this article unless the tweet is substantial enough for us to get an entirely new article out of. Fingers crossed!

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