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Yen Press Announces 11 New Manga, Light Novel Titles at Anime NYC

Yen Press announced 11 new manga and light novels at Anime NYC, including more Sword Art Online, Bungo Stray Dogs and No Game No Life

Article Summary

  • Yen Press unveils 11 new manga and light novels at Anime NYC for May 2024.
  • Lineup includes more Sword Art Online, Bungo Stray Dogs, and No Game No Life.
  • Titles range from supernatural action to romantic comedy and high fantasy.
  • New works feature a mix of original stories, character designs, and guest artists.

Yen Press announced eleven new titles at its Industry Panel at Anime NYC. Releasing in May 2024, this lineup includes eight manga (Bungo Stray Dogs Official AnthologyDays with My StepsisterGoblin Slayer: A Day in the LifeSword Art Online Re:AincradThe Kept Man of the Princess KnightNo Game No Life Chapter 2: Eastern UnionShe Likes Gays, but Not MeFriday at the Atelier), and three novels (Brunhild the DragonslayerThe God of Nishi-Yuigahama StationGuillotine Bride). These are on top of what was previously announced.

Yen Press Announces 11 New Manga, Light Novel Titles at Anime NYC
"Bungo Stray Dogs Official Anthology" cover art: Yen Press

Bungo Stray Dogs Official Anthology

Original Story by Kafka Asagiri

Character Design by Sango Harukawa

Art by Various Artists

Presenting the first anthology of the popular supernatural action series Bungo Stray Dogs! Featuring a luxurious list of guest authors, these new Bungo stories include everything from gags to heartwarming moments in a charming collection that will leave you begging for more!

Yen Press Announces 11 New Manga, Light Novel Titles at Anime NYC
"Days with My Stepsister" cover art: Yen Press

Days with My Stepsister

Story by Ghost Mikawa

Art by Yumika Kanade

Character Design by Hiten

After his father's remarriage, high school student Yuuta suddenly finds himself stepsiblings with his classmate Saki. However, unlike the plain and simple Yuuta, his new younger sister has an over-the-top sense of style and is known as the hottest girl in the grade! Due to past trauma, Yuuta isn't great at talking to women and at first is perplexed by this new family member who seems to be his complete opposite…but as the two settle into a shared lifestyle, could their relationship blossom into something more?!

Yen Press Announces 11 New Manga, Light Novel Titles at Anime NYC
"Goblin Slayer: A Day in the Life" cover art: Yen Press

Goblin Slayer: A Day in the Life

Original Story by Kumo Kagyu

Art by Daichi Matsuse

Character Design by Noboru Kannatuki

The party of Club Fighter, Supreme God's Cleric, and Harefolk Hunter takes on a new challenge only to discover there are some enemies they can't hope to defeat… Priestess joins Female Knight, Witch, and High Elf Archer on an adventure—but somehow, they end up defending a besieged fortress… And then there's Goblin Slayer, who's once again teamed up with Spearman and Heavy Warrior! This special manga adaptation of volume 12 of the popular light novel series follows a day in the life of adventurers in the Four-Cornered World!

Yen Press Announces 11 New Manga, Light Novel Titles at Anime NYC
"Sword Art Online Re:Aincrad" cover art: Yen Press

Sword Art Online Re:Aincrad

Original Story by Reki Kawahara

Art by KIMI

Composition by Mito Satou

Character Design by abec

Die in the game, and you die in real life. The only way out is clearing the massive floating castle Aincrad. The pinnacle of heroic sagas kicks off here!

Yen Press Announces 11 New Manga, Light Novel Titles at Anime NYC
"The Kept Man of the Princess Knight" cover art: Yen Press

The Kept Man of the Princess Knight

Story by Toru Shirogane

Character Design by Mashimasaki

Art by keyyang

The dungeon calls, and is answered by adventurers, profiteers, and anyone looking to make a quick buck. And in this town inhabited by the dregs of society live a man and the woman who owns him. Arwin, the Crimson Princess Knight with lofty dreams of restoring her homeland—and Matthew, the town drunk. As Arwin challenges the dungeon, Matthew spends his days in taverns and brothels living off the money he gets from her. But the town laughingstock has a side that no one knows about. In service of Arwin, Matthew would do anything—no matter how dirty he might get.

Yen Press Announces 11 New Manga, Light Novel Titles at Anime NYC
"No Game No Life Chapter 2: Eastern Union" cover art: Yen Press

No Game No Life Chapter 2: Eastern Union

Story by Yuu Kamiya

Art by Ryu Naitou

The manga adaptation of the hit light novel series enters its second chapter!

Summoned by a boy who calls himself God in a world where games decide everything, the prodigy gamer siblings Sora and Shiro quickly rise to the top of human society. Having secured a future for the Kingdom of Elkia and humankind in this world, the siblings set their sights on a new prize—the Eastern Union. It's finally time to challenge the other races!

Yen Press Announces 11 New Manga, Light Novel Titles at Anime NYC
"Brunhild the Dragonslayer" cover art: Yen Press

Brunhild the Dragonslayer

Story by Yuiko Agarizaki

Illustration by Aoaso

Eden… A place of perfection… A place where man and beast live side by side in harmony… Eden's protector, the silver dragon, regularly visits retribution upon those who would bring harm to paradise. But when the dragon discovers a human girl on the shores of Eden, he decides to raise her as his own. He teaches her that if she is to be welcomed into God's Kingdom after death, she must not harbor hatred in her heart. But when the dragon's life is mercilessly snuffed out by human machinations, the girl must choose whether to heed the dragon's dying wish and stay the course of righteousness…or walk a path of vengeance.


Yen Press Announces 11 New Manga, Light Novel Titles at Anime NYC
"The God of Nishi-Yuigahama Station" cover art: Yen Press

The God of Nishi-Yuigahama Station

By Takeshi Murase

On the first day of spring, a train derails, causing numerous deaths. Two months later, rumors spread of a ghost at Nishi-Yuigahama Station with the power to send others back in time to the day of the terrible accident. The story attracts a woman who lost her fiancé, a man who lost his father, and a boy who lost his unrequited love. A chance to go back, to see those dear to them, seems almost too good to be true. What will they do now that they have it?

Yen Press Announces 11 New Manga, Light Novel Titles at Anime NYC
"Guillotine Bride" cover art: Yen Press

Guillotine Bride

Story by Daigo Murasaki

Illustration by Kureta

Rinne has been sentenced to death. That's where the dragon princess's story should have ended. Instead, she's blown out of the sky en route to her execution and winds up in front of Ryuunosuke. The young boy has no time to be shocked by this wild development because the dragon girl needs him to lend her a hand—in marriage! For the sake of the world, Ryuunosuke has to marry Rinne and smother her with love, because if he fails to keep her in check, the entire human race will probably go extinct…!

Yen Press Announces 11 New Manga, Light Novel Titles at Anime NYC
"She Likes Gays, but Not Me" cover art: Yen Press

She Likes Gays, but Not Me

Story by Akira Hirahara

Art by Naoto Asahara

Based on the critically acclaimed novel. High schooler Atsushi Andou has always hidden the fact that he's gay. But one day, he sees his classmate Sae Miura with a BL book—a small moment with major consequences. Atsushi longs for a "normal" happiness with a loving wife and a biological child, but what can he do when he's not turned on by women?

Yen Press Announces 11 New Manga, Light Novel Titles at Anime NYC
"Friday at the Atelier" cover art: Yen Press

Friday at the Atelier

By Sakura Hamada

Tamaki, a woman who's grown tired with her life, is one day asked by the famous painter Shunsui Ishihara to become his model. And not just any model—a nude model. But when she accepts without hesitation, Ishihara is taken by her peculiar response and somehow falls for her…?! The misaligned love story between an oblivious girl and a handsome but extremely self-conscious artist begins here!


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