Your First Look At Marvel Comics After Secret Wars… And Cyclops Place In It?

We know that there is a unrebooted Marvel after Secret Wars. CB Cebulski was able to circumnavigate the Tom Brevoort teasing to give it to people straight, like a pear cider that's made with 100% pears.

But it does look as if the X-Men characters may be shunted off to a non-Marvel Studios universe. Maybe the Fantastic Four will be doing the same. But for everybody else, what will it look like?

Today's Uncanny Inhumans #0 gives you your first peek. first laying out a very bleak future from this side of the Secret Wars…

Image (12)

No future for you! No future for you! As Johnny Rotten once sang. Of course we know that this is coming… after Secret Wars.


While getting a glimpse at some of the characters who may be in it…

Image (11) But more than that? Well Uncanny Inhumans gives us a further look beyond the Battleworld.

Image (14)

Is that… Cyclops? What happened to that Xbooks separate universe then? Could one of the Cyclops stay in the main Marvel universe? Plenty to ponder…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, who will have Chip Zdarsky in store on April 11th to sign Howard The Duck and Sex Criminals, as well as giving a talk through the first issues of Howard…



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