Aeon Must Die Reveals Release Date In Latest Trailer

Focus Entertainment and Limestone Games released a new trailer for Aeon Must Die revealing more gaming and the game's release date. The trailer itself gives you nearly five minutes of action both in gameplay and cool cutscenes as you have merges with the mighty Aeon to exact revenge against the generals who betrayed you and left you for dead. You get a good glimpse into the adventure as you'll be traveling across the futuristic city of Pantheon for this fun and action-packed interstellar story of treachery and love. Featuring gameplay that will take you back to early arcade platform fighters. The game will be released on October 14th, 2021 for PC as well as all three major consoles. No word on next-gen versions, but it appears the game is backward compatible for those with a PS5 and XSX. Enjoy the latest trailer for the game below!

get the revenge you desire most in Aeon Must Die, courtesy of Focus Home Interactive.
get the revenge you desire most in Aeon Must Die, courtesy of Focus Home Interactive.

Aeon, the dreaded Emperor of the unstoppable Void Armada, has been betrayed and left for dead by his generals. Weakened and without a body to exact his revenge, he manages to merge with you to survive and bring forth his wrath. Travel across the futuristic city of Pantheon to destroy or subdue those who betrayed Aeon, while fighting for your mind, free will, and control of your body. Experience a unique beat 'em-up introducing breakneck risk-reward gameplay, innovative AI and tactical fighting, all packaged in an incredible art style. Will you succumb to Aeon's will and unleash his awesome power, losing yourself in the process? Or will you choose the hard way and remain free, at the cost of your strength?

  • Spectacular beat'em-up packed with brutal, over-the-top action.
  • Stunning art and mind-blowing OST.
  • Stylish, accessible combat featuring proper fighting game mechanics.
  • Choose who you kill or spare and change the fate of the galaxy.

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