AEXLAB Announces Vail VR Will Be Released On Steam

AEXLAB has announced today that they will be releasing Vail VR on Steam, bringing another virtual reality shooter to Steam VR. If you haven't seen anything from this game yet, this is a competitive team shooter that will set up two teams of five against each other in a series of variety shooter matches in various environments. The game is set to use an incredibly refined movement and shooting system of mechanics to make the experience as precise as possible, so you feel like you're in an actual gun battle. The game is currently in the testing phase, so it doesn't even have a confirmed release year at the moment, let alone a window. Here's a little more info from today's announcement.

Be ready to encounter anything with this VR title. Courtesy of AEXLAB.
Be ready to encounter anything with this VR title. Courtesy of AEXLAB.

In Vail VR, two teams of five players compete in two head-to-head modes: Team Deathmatch and Artifact. Team Deathmatch is the traditional combat mode where the team with the most kills wins the game. Artifact is the game's core mode where players can show off their skills with a full-scale ELO ranking system, automated tournaments, and ladder structure. Vail VR features full-body animation that accounts for the approximation of each player's real body shape and size, without the need for additional tracking hardware. As an ultra realistic first-person shooter, it creates a comfortable and accurate positional experience. The game also features an in-game voice chat system for real-time communication between players.

"We believe Vail set the foundation for the next generation of first person shooting games. It's in virtual reality, multiplayer, incredibly fine-tuned, and realistic," said Jonathan Ovadia, CEO of AEXLAB. "While we've seen realistic VR shooters in the past, none bring them to a tactical, multiplayer experience with this level of combat. We believe Vail moves the needle forward."

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