Apex Legends Player Mysteriously Receives $1.1 Million In-Game Coins

An Apex Ledgens player is essentially set for life in the game after his account mysteriously received $1.1 million in Apex Coins. The news was posted on Reddit after a player opened up his profile on the game to see a significant change in his character's wallet, as you can see from the image below, showing that they basically have enough money to buy whatever they need in the game and then some. Someone did the conversion math to get the American USD total, which in itself is amazing. The speculation is that the player either received a generous donation from a millionaire gamer he helped carry (looking at you, Soulja Boy), or the game glitched and gave him the cash by mistake.

Gifted 125m apex coins, what the fuck just happened? from r/apexlegends

Now here's the kicker: does Respawn Entertainment let him keep the cash if it was a glitch or do they take it away? If it was a genuine donation to the guy, there's no way Respawn or Electronic Arts would just take his credits away from him being a lawful transaction. But if it was a glitch, do you shrug your shoulders and call the kid lucky, or do you apologize and snatch most of it away? We're guessing the latter will happen, but if it were us, we'd just wish the guy well in buying everything our shop has to offer and showing off something new every game of Apex Legends he plays.

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