Arcade Chaser: There's An Arcade Inside Orlando International Airport

I travel a good deal, and as such, I spend a considerable amount in airports. Most of them are all the same: there are some overpriced shops and food, you'll be bored, and not everyone there is friendly.

img_8293 img_8295

MCO is an above-average airport. There's a decent amount of shopping and food, there are aquariums throughout the airport, the staff is actually friendly there, and holy shit — there's an arcade.

img_8296 img_8297 img_8298

Granted, it's not much of an arcade. There's a dozen or so games ranging from basketball to claw machines, and they even have two pinball machines. The kid working there was far from interested in looking up from his cellphone, but frankly, I'm ok with that. For $10 I had a good time playing a few machines. So if you find yourself in MCO with time to kill, check out the arcade located near the Disney Store in the back. It's a great time killer.

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