Atari VCS Announces Three New Games For The Console

The crew behind the Atari VCS announced three new indie video games being added to the new gaming console. The three games that have been added are D/Generation, Jetboard Joust, and Utopos, all of which are recent titles so they are some of the more prominent games that are not retro Atari games. The team has really started making a push forward into getting titles on the system that are not part of a streaming service, and this is a great start as all three games have gotten some buzz lately. You can read more about all three below.

A look at the Atari VCS
A look at the Atari VCS

D/Generation (West Coast Software Limited)

Enhanced with improved graphics by West Coast Software Limited, D/Generation is a retro action-adventure game set in the future (technically, 2021) that requires you to save all of humanity — no biggie, right? A deadly virus has escaped at Genoq headquarters in London, and your mission is to travel up a 90-story-tall HQ skyscraper to deliver a package to Derrida, the lead scientist working on bioweapon research. Focus on your task at hand or assist others along the way as you work to stop the mutagenic contagion from escaping the building.

Jetboard Joust (Bitbull LTD)

Developers Bitbull LTD blend the spirit and intensity of arcade coin-ops SHMUPs from the '80s with the tactical elements and replayability of hardcore modern roguelikes. For fans of action, big guns, and fast and frenetic gameplay, Jetboard Joust delivers on all counts. Hop on a stylized jetboard as you take to the skies, blasting alien invaders with a variety of weapons and battle against massive, unrelenting bosses.

Utopos (Jani Penttinen)

Returning to the spotlight after its original launch in 1993 by developer Jani Penttinen, Utopos is a multiplayer spaceship arena fighting game where you'll battle against others in the ultimate rocketship fighting championship. Utopos is a colonized world on the Asteroid Belt where humans have found that rocketship fights provide endless entertainment. Select your weapons and ship, and fight against your friends or AI-controlled opponents.

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