Atlantis Has Finally Appeared On The Fortnite Map

Ever since Aquaman was introduced into this season's set of costumes for Fortnite, you knew Atlantis was just around the corner. The mashup between the game and the comic book hero has been pretty fruitful as people have taken a shine to being the King of the Seven Seas, especially in his Jason Momoa form. But up until now he's kind of been a wandering spirit in the game as the island and the areas around it have been submerged in water but not completely underneath it. Now the latest update to the map has brought a piece of Atlantis to the game. The small kingdom, which you see below, isn't technically called Atlantis in the game, its called Coral Castle. But it might as well be since it looks pretty close to some of the incarnations we've seen in the comics over the years.

A look at Atlantis, also known as Coral Castle, inside the world of Fortnite, courtesy of Epic Games.
A look at Atlantis, also known as Coral Castle, inside the world of Fortnite, courtesy of Epic Games.

You can find it near the plane crash site on the game, just north of Sweaty Sands. The entire castle has replaced the whirlpool that was once in the area but has now apparently drained itself and given way to show what was hiding underneath. Inside the buildings is some cool architecture that is clearly inspired by Aquaman's appearance in the game. It comes with the usual array of chest placement, breakable items, and other goodies you would find in almost any structure or area on the map. It also comes with a motorboat spawn, which is kind of useful but not entirely practical given the location. Beyond that, it's basically just a new structure for you to come across and grab loot and supplies at before the circle closes on you. Enjoy looking for it in Fortnite as either Aquaman or Black Manta and take up the throne.

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