Azur Lane Returns To World Of Warships: Legends

Wargaming announced this morning that Azur Lane has officially made its return to World Of Warships: Legends this week. In what's being referred to as the "second wave", this event will feature Baltimore, Graf Spee, Queen Elizabeth, Scharnhorst, and Fusou all getting into the action. You will receive five new commanders, three premium ships, two ship skins, and a lot more content this time around. Each character is also represented by their namesake ship in-game and has unique abilities to help in battle, which will make combat a little more strategic than normal. All of this content is available for a limited time as the event will run from November 30th until the start of the next update on December 21st. You can read more about this event and check out the trailer for it below.

The second wave of Azur Lane comes to the game, courtesy of Wargaming.
The second wave of Azur Lane comes to the game, courtesy of Wargaming.

Azur Lane is a naval-themed anime-style shoot 'em up game for Android/IOS with characters based on historical warships. Each commander coming to World Of Warships: Legends has a unique voiceover by their popular voice actors, recorded specifically for this collaboration. They also come with unique commander inspirations and skills based on their Azur Lane skills, such as Baltimore's powerful "APsolute Ammunition" that modifies the performance of your US cruiser's armor piercing shells. As for ships to command, Baltimore, Fusou, and Queen Elizabeth each have a special premium version of their namesake ships with an exclusive camouflage available during the event, while Admiral Graf Spee and Scharnhorst will have unique collaboration camouflages available for their ships. There are even a few ways to get Azur Lane faction flags to show your allegiance! Players can get the commanders from the new Azur Lane containers, while the ships and camouflages are available in the in-game shop.

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