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Azur Lane Returns To World of Warships: Legends
Wargaming announced this morning that Azur Lane has officially made its return to World Of Warships: Legends this week In what's being referred to as the "second wave", this event will feature Baltimore, Graf Spee, Queen Elizabeth, Scharnhorst, and Fusou all getting into the action You will receive five new commanders, three premium ships, two[...]
"World Of Warships" Gets A Crossover Event With "
Wargaming has a couple of cool things happening in World Of Warships this month, as the game gets a new update and a crossover event with Azur Lane The anime and manga will be bringing in the mysterious Fleet of Fog, which has seized control over the World Ocean This is a mysterious and invincible[...]
Yostar Announces an English Versions of Azur Lane
Those of you who have been wanting to try out the Azur Lane mobile app in the west may be getting a chance in the near future. Yostar Limited officially announced on their website that the game would be getting an English version, meaning at some point in time, the game will most likely be headed[...]