Bandai Namco Announces Tekken 7's Season 4 Is Coming Soon

Bandai Namco has revealed a little bit of what's on the way for Tekken 7, as they're about to launch Season 4 into the game. During the Japan Fighting Game Publisher's Roundtable livestream this week, it was revealed that the Season 4 Pass was coming soon, and with it would be new characters and changes to the game to extend the longevity of it for fans. With the news came the trailer you see below which gave away a number of new additions to the game. For starters, the game will be giving every single character on the roster a new set of moves to spice up the gameplay and make the competition a hell of a lot more interesting moving forward. What's more, online fighting is getting a slight overhaul to make it easier to connect to people and find matches so that you can get in and out of games a lot easier when just casually fighting.

Season 4 Is coming to Tekken 7, courtesy of Bandai Namco.
Season 4 Is coming to Tekken 7, courtesy of Bandai Namco.

What's more, within the trailer they've already teased a new character for the game. Or should we say, a returning character. It's super brief, but near the end of the trailer, you can see a figure standing tall on a building in the sunset. It's pretty clear based on the design that we're looking at Kunimitsu. The last time we saw her was in Tekken Revolution, and aside from her appearances in Tekken Tag games, her last massive single-player experience before that is in Tekken 2. So to say people were excited to see hr make an appearance in the trailer on social media is an understatement. Hopefully, we'll find out more from the company in the weeks to come and they don't stretch the announcements out for months like they did last year.

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