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More Bandai Namco Events Changed Due To Coronavirus

Bandai Namco seems to be playing the coronavirus concerns by ear, instead of rapidly canceling multiple events, they're slowly assessing them. The company issued a new notice over the weekend for two events in April. One of them is being rescheduled while the other is pressing on without the company's involvement. It's interesting, and a […]

Bandai Namco Reveals Details On "Tekken" World Tour 2020

Bandai Namco revealed details this week about the return of Tekken World Tour 2020, as the series returns for its fifth year. The event will have over 30 locations across the globe. All of them spanning different categories like Masters, Challengers, and Dojo. The entire system will be kicking off at the Tokyo Tekken Masters […]

Bandai Namco Drops "Tekken 7" & "SoulCalibur VI" News At EVO Japan

Bandai Namco Drops "Tekken 7" & "SoulCalibur VI" News At EVO Japan

EVO Japan took place over the weekend, and like a lot of EVO events, news was dropped. Bandai Namco decided to showcase a couple of things while they were there. The two big games they had content for were Tekken 7 and SoulCalibur VI. We already covered the SC6 news over the weekend as Haohmaru […]

"Tekken 7" Receives A New Track From Leroy Smith

"Tekken 7" Receives A New Track From Leroy Smith

Probably one of the weirdest things Bandai Namco could have released this week for Tekken 7 is a brand new track from Leroy Smith. The man has released a new hip-hop track showing off his mad skills both in combat and on the mic. If you're not familiar with the character, he learned how to […]

"Tekken 7" Announces Fahkumram & Ganryu For Season Three DLC

"Tekken 7" Announces Fahkumram & Ganryu For Season Three DLC

During the Tekken World Finals, we got two more character reveals for the Tekken 7 Season Three pass, as we're getting one familiar name and one new entry. Back in August, Bandai Namco revealed we'd be getting two more, but failed to really talk about who might be coming in. Now we know that we're […]

"Tekken" Director and Producer Tells Fans To "Stop Spamming" The Team

"Tekken" Director & Producer Tells Fans To "Stop Spamming" The Team

Hey, Tekken fans: If there's something you want from the game, you probably shouldn't just sit and spam the developers. Tekken director and producer Katsuhiro Harada took to Twitter today to air his frustrations with fans continually tweeting at him. People can't get enough of continuously yammering away about who they want to see in […]

InExile Announces "Bard’s Tale Trilogy" and "Wasteland" Anniversary Edition

"Tekken 7" Announces Two New Characters With Season 3

Bandai Namco made their grand announcement about Tekken 7's Season 3 at EVO 2019 yesterday, revealing two new characters and two on the way. The reveal showed one returning face and a brand new addition to the series. First, we didn't have to go very far back for the familiar as Zafina will be coming […]