Brave Neptune Gets a Nintendo Switch Release Date

South Korean based publisher CFK Co., Ltd has revealed today that their upcoming title Brave Neptune will be getting a formal release on the Nintendo Switch, making it the first time the series will appear on a Nintendo console. The release date for the region as well as Japan will be September 27th for the Switch and PS4, and while there are no plans mentions of a North American or European release, it doesn't seem like the game would be too far off from getting one if they're working on a Switch port. Below is an official description of Brave Neptune released by the developers, who seem to have gone for a more poetic intro than most.

credit//CFK Co., Ltd

2D Games – It is a flat game consisting of dots and illustrations. There was a game industry where 2D games became one of the many dimensions. This world is dominated by an organization called a silk worm that worships 2D games. People were making 2D games and paying the game pack as taxes. Anyone who has created a game that has played a puzzling game or a new technology. The rumors of being sent to the tribunal to destroy their minds, a girl who has lost her memory in the game industry has nothing to do with the future and has awakened from sleep. A girl who knows nothing leads to the village next to the silk worm. The girl has a nice victory with her cypress branches. And I was sure. As a warrior, he is the main character of this game "Neptune". Neptune, a self-proclaimed warrior, travels with a mysterious book (Isotour).

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