Battlefield 2042 Players Outraged Over Lack Of Content

A new leak has got Battlefield 2042 fans angry over the content choices that Electronic Arts and EA DICE have made for the game. The game has already been receiving criticism ever since it was launched for various items, primarily from their fans as they arguably believe the game could be better in many ways. There have been several bug issues and multiplayer outages, but the biggest complaint from fans has been the lack of new content compared to other games. When you measure it up against other FPS multiplayer titles such as Call Of Duty, Apex Legends, Valorant, and even Overwatch, the devs have not been producing a regular amount of bonuses and events to do on a regular basis compared to its competitors. Some of that could be chalked up to the game only being six weeks old, but a lot of players want to know when that will change.

Battlefield 2042 Players Outraged Over Lack Of Content
Credit: Electronic Arts

They got their answer near the end of the year, and for many, it was an unwelcomed one. Temporyal, which is a Battlefield 2042 datamining Twitter feed found new information about the next major event that will be coming to the game, which is good news they're getting one. However, we're not getting it until March 2022 (no confirmed release date set for it). Meaning players will have been waiting anywhere from 4-5 months since launch for the new content to drop into the game.

Social media, as you would suspect, has not been kind to the idea of waiting another couple of months for this content. Some saying they won't bother playing until it comes out, while others claiming they're just going to move on to playing Call Of Duty: Vanguard or Valorant. Others are sticking around, but saying this entire scenario feels like Battlefield V where there's a ton of promise but little delivery. We'll see if the fandom changes anything, but for the time being, it looks like the plans are set in stone.

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